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Concerts We’re Looking Forward to in Fall 2021

For many people, not attending live concerts is indeed a negative aspect of the pandemic and the year 2020. Here’s to hoping that 2021 would be better on several fronts. We also hope that these concerts would return, primarily if the virus is controlled and contained to the point that vast crowds of people could come together and genuinely enjoy live music. You can never replace the feeling of live music, you know.

There are lots of big-name tours which were postponed or canceled in the year 2020. Some of them got rescheduled for the year 2021. Let’s look at some of these, shall we?


List of Live Concerts was looking forward to in fall 2021

  • Alabama

This is one of the most successful country music of all time. They would like to pick up their 50th Anniversary Tour this year, 2021. The complete run started in the year 2019. It was then halted as a result of health issues that involved lead singer Randy Owen. The pandemic started in 2020, as we all know. This left the hall of farmers at a specific place again. It is like Alabama is ready to get on the road if it’s allowed. They started at the end of March 2021.


  • Backstreet Boys

This incredible boy band would have liked to carry on with their DNA Tour slated to be one of the most significant events. Sadly it had to be postponed because of the pandemic. Now the backstreet boys have rescheduled, and they all hope to get a complete re-run of the tour during the summer part of 2021. This plans to start in June. From the Hollywood Bowl, we have BSB fans reliving those beautiful days which they screamed like little girls. They had great hits like “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” and the one I love personally, “I Want It That Way.”


  • Justin Bieber

Our baby boy Bieber hopes to be back on the road to continue his tour this year, 2021. He has about 45 altogether. At least that’s an excellent plan for the brand new year. The fun here is scheduled to start in San Diego on the 2nd of June, and it plans to run through till the middle of August. If everything goes as planned, the United States will go back to hosting its concerts regularly. Justin’s tour would be pretty hot to get in the year 2021.


My thoughts on Concerts we’re looking forward to in fall 2021

I am happy, excited and I cannot wait for this to happen. The world has tried. The world has endured a lot, especially from a virus we don’t even care where it came from. Please, the virus should hurriedly leave planet earth. Let the lives of people resume. I want shows, I want concerts, I want to see my best celebrities gang up and crash a concert with good living. It’s going to happen for sure.