Coolest Science Fiction Dragons

Traditionally, dragons were specific to the fantasy realm and fantasy genre. They were seen as beautiful and majestic creatures often seen in ancient realms or alternate realities. However, in recent years, science fiction has taken the idea of dragons and put their own spin on it.

Science fiction is a wide and diverse realm, and there are so many cool and interesting elements to it. One of the most interesting elements of science fiction, however, is dragons. Dragons can be found throughout the genre, and many of the coolest dragons to ever be portrayed have come about as a result. While dragons used to be limited to just fantasy, science fiction has definitely taken hold. 

It can be hard to find the coolest science fiction dragons because of how many there are. However, some definitely stand above the rest as being an amazing portrayal of a dragon. Below are our favorite dragons in science fiction.

Top Science Fiction Dragons


This is the cute dog-like dragon from the 1980’s classic film, The Neverending Story. Falkor is a luck dragon and a true friend to main characters Atreyu and Bastian and helps them on their memorable cinematic fantasy journey.

King Ghidorah

Dragons are huge, terrifying, yet majestic beasts that both create fear and awe in all those who see them. That is exactly what King Ghidorah does from Godzilla. In this film, the ferocious King Ghidorah is a huge dragon with three heads, breathes fire, and beautiful golden wings. As scary as he is, you have to be in awe of his magnificence.

Game of Thrones’ Dragons

Some of the most memorable scenes from the epic television series, Game of Thrones, feature three famous dragons Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion, which all belong to the Queen of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen. The series follows her fight to get to the throne, using her beloved and fierce trio of dragons to escort her along the way. These massive, flying fantasy reptiles show their loyalty to Daenerys through many battles of fire and ice.


This is also not a traditional dragon because it is a mechanical dragon, but what is science fiction without something techy? While this dragon has struggles at the start of the series, he gets much better and much more powerful as it goes on. It breathes fire, gains power, and ends up being a very father-like figure as a dragon.

Overall, though dragons may have traditionally been specific to the fantasy realms, science fiction has put their own spin on it and made some amazing beasts to marvel at. With their own unique twists and interpretations, there have been some amazing dragons in the science fiction realm such as the creatures listed above. These examples prove that dragons are not just in fantasy.

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