Daft Punk Calls It Quits

Daft Punk is also known as the electronic music duo that wears helmets elaborately. They are robot assumed personas and disdained celebs. News has it that they’ve broken up. The group stated through the news that they are no more together. They made this go public on Monday through a YouTube video that’s titled Epilogue.

The video has gotten about six million views in about eight hours. It makes use of scenes from the 2006 science fiction film known as Electroma. This looks at the two artists walking out into the desert. One of them explodes, and then the other one walks far away. Then 1993 -2021 appears on the screen. A duo publicist stated that they are officially broken up.

These French musicians named Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo are the people that are behind these helmets. They are the ones who composed the 2010 film titled Tron Legacy. They have also won several awards. About six Grammies. These have influenced several musicians with their mythology and music. Their single from the year 2013, titled Get Lucky, features several vocals by Pharrell Williams. This reached a No 2 on Billboard Hot 100. They also reached number 1, and they were with the Weeknd’s 2016 hit single. They Co-produced and co-wrote starboy.

Their look, which can easily be recognized, has been made to look like a fun thing on several shows like family guy. It has also appeared in things like warcraft and some other social media platforms. Of course, these helmets would have many people talking about them on various social media platforms. That’s quite usual.


You need to entertain your mind with the best news, from superheroes to POP culture. Don’t forget about video games and memes. Many people had wished that Daft Punk didn’t tell anyone they were now going on different new paths. This is what writer Cassie St. Onge talked about. She gave a brand new person their helmet and then told them everything would go well.

She had wished that her parents wore these helmets and told her everything would be fine. These would be nothing but conversations people should have with medical health care professionals like therapists.


My Thoughts on Daft Punk Dropping Everything and Calling it Quits

There are several people I know that are in love with Daft Punk. This band is quite extraordinary. But when you feel you’ve done something so much or for too long, it’ll soon be time for you to let go and then start life anew. It is okay to restart. It is okay to reset. It is okay to lie down, relax, rest, and push through once more. The problem always lies in you relaxing and not wanting to do anything with your life. But as long as you’re living, as long as you’re happy, and as long as you always want to be an inspiration to others around you. You’re making headway. Unfortunately, we have people who do not want to do these things—wishing Daft Punk all the luck in the world.