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Daryl from the Walking Dead TV Series Finally Gets a Girlfriend in Season 10

All through the ten seasons of the Walking Dead series, everyone has repeatedly been asking. When would Norman Reedus, also known as Daryl, get a girlfriend or end up in any relationship romantically?

This show plays up the fact that he has no attachments with any of the other characters. But there has been chemistry and tension with both Connie and Carol.

If you’ve been shipping for Donnie or Caryl, Find Me could feel a little bit left out.


All about the episode where Daryl started this relationship 

The episodes occurred at one of the old cabins when Daryl went out with Carol. The previous occupant of the cabin brings back so many memories. They all centered on a lady named Leah. He met her from a six-year jump in time. She was the previous owner of the dog, and yeah, that’s her.


When did Daryl Meet Leah?

Daryl met Leah on a hunting trip. Everything seemed fine till the dog ran to the woods, and he kept barking. The duo ran after him, and they realized he went inside an ancient scattered cabin. Daryl didn’t seem happy about entering it. Carol had no idea about the place and its history till she saw a note and then she asked him if she lived there. Carol knows something we are clueless about.

We would now learn that they had met from a flashback. Daryl followed the river to look for Rick when the dog he met led him to the rickety cabin. He pops on and sees Leah. She pointed a gun at him and demanded to know who he is. Daryl stated he was leaving, and she said he wasn’t. After talking on and on, she just decided to allow him to go.

So off the top of your head, how long do you think their relationship would last? Is it going to be a long-lasting relationship? Would it end soon as a result of one of your other ships coming through? Who knows. It all boils down to what the directors say and what the writers decide to for our characters. Here’s to hoping he stays in a relationship for a very long time.

See you next time on THE WALKING DEAD.