DC Comics vs. Marvel: Which Makes Better Movies

The choice between DC Comics and Marvel has divided movie fans for a long time now. The growth of the respective franchises has seen some fans that do not approve of certain features prevalent in one of these multi-million dollar companies switch sides. In this article, we will attempt to make a comparison between DC comics and Marvel and consider which makes the better movies.


Why Marvel Movies are better

  1. Better Introduction and Collaboration of Superheroes

You just have to hand it to marvel how it manages to introduce and unite its heroes for a better, universal good. Before the Avengers franchise, Marvel had sequentially introduced a majority if not all of its superheroes as characters that stand on their own. We knew their back-stories, what they brought to the table and what made them tick. This early introduction led to the anticipation for the Avenger franchise that did not in any way disappointed with the lowest-rated Avenger raking in ratings of 75% on Rotten Tomatoes. The same cannot be said for DC Comics who failed to create a character arc for their characters. This poor character introduction made it difficult for viewers to follow through when all of a sudden superheroes with a variety of abilities were introduced to them in the Justice League. In truth, only True Comic book fans knew who the superheroes were and what abilities and weaknesses they possessed.


  1. Relatable Villains

Marvel trumps DC Comics when it comes to how relatable its villains are. Sometimes, one could even be forgiven for siding with its villains. For all the evil, pain, and havoc that Thanos exacted, he had a noble goal- the sustenance of the Earth. Of course, he had a crude way of going about it but at least his motives were not merely personal or bigoted as you could relate to the themes of global warming and the need for us to take care of our Earth. On the other hand, DC Comics villains perpetuate evil just for the sake of it. There’s no reason, no logic, just violence, and contempt.


  1. Humor

Marvel movies are replete with humor be it with the aid of dramatic ironies or classic one-liners. This can rarely be said of DC Comics movies that have been renowned for their darker undertone and all serious and sometimes even moody outlook.


Why DC Comics movies are better

  1. Woman Empowerment

DC Comics movies were the first to show that power can also be feminine. This is epitomized in movies like Catwoman and Wonderwoman. The latter raked in over $800 million and received accolades as it was the winner of the Best Action Movie at the 23rd Critic’s Choice Award.



We would be under quite an illusion to presume that this article won’t put an end to the age-old debate of which makes the better movies between DC Comics and Marvel. People will always have their favorite between the 2 cinematic universes.