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Famous Cartoon Cats

The saying that animals are man’s best friend doesn’t seem to lack acceptance. Indeed this can be said and is widely accepted today anywhere in the world. That’s why today you find some houses with cats as family and big cats as pets.  You find this companionship with these gorgeous creatures in the way we feed them, take care of them, how we feel when they are ill, even when they don’t feed well, and more. Talking about care for them, it’s best to be in touch with people who own cats and professionals like to ensure your cat is in the best possible state of health.

It’s the love for cats that makes us bring up and follow animated representations of cats for our fun. Talking about animations and cartoons, what’s your best cartoon cat?

  • Felix the Cat

Do you remember him? The bicolor, white and black cat? He usually carries a bag around which he calls his bag of tricks. A notable character in this famous cartoon would be the bulldog Rock Bottom. He seems to have no brains as he plans and works to steal the bag of tricks to please the professor but he always fails. Felix always outsmarts him.

  • Tom the Cat in Tom and Jerry

I think I would say that this is my best cartoon of all time. The intriguing cat character here is an  ash and a white-colored cat that’s always on the run for the mouse Jerry. Tom doesn’t like Jerry and he is bold enough about his dislike for the mouse hence he’s always on the chase. Another fascinating thing about the character would be his love for food and restlessness in his pursuit of his prey most of the time without success.

  • Sylvester the Cat

Sylvester the Cat is known for his huge appetite for food and his always wanting to eat speedy Gonzales and Tweety who are his enemies and of course he hates the bulldog so much. He’s quite lazy and not competent in his hunting.

  • Garfield in Garfield and friends

Garfield is a lazy overweight orange-colored cat that loves food so much. He’s zealous for food especially pizza, ice cream,m, and lasagna. Garfield lives with Jon Arbuckle his owner and his dog Odie. He enjoys causing Odie harm and looking for Odie’s trouble in ways he can think of. He always ridicules his owner Jon for not having a social life and not doing so well with women but even though it seems like Garfield doesn’t love Jon and Odie you can see his care in how close he always is to Jon.

  • Top Cat

The top cat is a yellow-colored cat. Who has this thing for female cats especially Trixie? One time he was smitten by Trixie, who has no interest in him but he does everything possible to get her.  And this lands him in trouble with officer Strickland chasing him to arrest him.