Fun Dr. Who Crafts for Fans of the Doctor Who TV Series

Several years ago, when I was just twenty-two to twenty-three, I had a baby boy that loved watching Doctor Who. We would both watch it together in peace but I was not so sure if I liked it that much m I was quite young and at that time I had not fully embraced all the nerd powers I had. Though I’ve been an Avatar the Last Airbender fan all of my life. I still watch some scenes to get emotional strength some days.

Now that I’ve grown a little bit, there is a lot of Doctor Who buzz all around. I should create some time to watch this again. Like going through every series I watch, I check out some of these crafts as I start watching a series. I love being or getting inspired to get my ideas as I watch these series.

If you are a fan of Doctor Who, or you are just merging and joining the show, then we created this lovely Roundup for you. You could scroll down to see all of my picks.


List of Crafts for Fans of Doctor Who TV Series 

1.Kindle Case

You can store all of your e-readers using this cool case which is very simple to knit. Whenever you’re ready, just get all your ingredients and knit your kindle case using the Doctor Who theme till you are tired or till your kindle case has been built completely.


  1. Stamped Pouch

You could put on a design which you like in front of the pouch making use of carved fabric ink and stamp. Make sure the stamp you make use of to make this stamped pouch is from Doctor Who. If not then what’s the essence.


  1. Adipose Stuffy

This is not just the job of a fat blob anymore. You can sew one of these using any pattern you desire.

You could make patterns that have different changes in colors. The results are honestly worth all of these.

You could get patterns you desire from places like Ravelry.


  1. Painted Heels

You can know a very serious fan of Doctor Who from far away when they wear these types of shoes. So much fun don’t you think. I like painted heels. I think I’ll take this idea up on its offer. Get me some painted heels using the Doctor Who theme and then I’ll look so glam as I step into the club with it. It’s going to be epic.


  1. Tom Baker Scarf

You can enjoy the person that was Doctor Who for the longest amount of time using this scarf that’s crocheted.


  1. Bow Necklace

This is awesome to get paired using other Doctor Who accessories. You could just wear these on your own for you to show some love.


  1. Journal Cover

This painted and sewn Dalek cover is quite subtle. Some know Doctor Who and they would with haste spot this as soon as possible.