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Games of Thrones Stars Kit Harington and Rose Leslie Have a Baby

The Stark house now has a baby Stark. How exciting. I’m glad to announce to you that Kit Harrington and his wife, Rose Leslie, have welcomed their first baby together.

The kit has a representative that has conversed with NBC News. They stated the lovely couple now has a baby boy. Of course, they’ll be pleased.

These lovely former Co-stars met in reality in 2011 and then in Scotland. They got married in the year 2018.

It is 2021, and they’ve welcomed their awesome baby boy. They told the world they were pregnant last fall. We globally found out from the UK magazine.

If you go online checking for Lesley’s baby bump, you can see a photo of her in a magazine. There she is seen wearing a Stella McCartney full-length dress. That was where she correctly posed to show off her incredible-looking baby bump.

They now had a new baby. They spent the lockdown period in the countryside. That’s nowhere but England.

Oh, it is nice to run and recoup in the countryside. She was surrounded by excellent neighbors, hedgerows, birdsong, greenery too. The very peaceful place, she added. Lesley is quite an awesome woman. When I first saw Her and Jon Snow on the show, I had a feeling they would end up together. This feeling was because their chemistry was just something else. They just bonded, and it seemed like they fell in love in reality which was quite apparent from the show.


My thoughts on these two and the baby

Well, they’ve been married since 2018. Where I’m from, if you don’t have a baby after a year of marriage, people would start saying a lot of things you don’t want to hear. But for me, I feel couple or couples should enjoy their honeymoon phase for as long as they desire. When you get kids, it never ends. Because these kids can stress your lives in unimaginable ways, so enjoy your kids. Love them. Pray they grow up and remain as awesome as you want them to be. But before you start giving birth, know your partner. Know what they are about correctly. Don’t just get married and start thinking of kids immediately. Okay. But if that’s what you like, well there’s no problem, it’s all okay in the end.

My best scene from the entire movie would have to be the part where they just left the north wall, and then they entered the green lands. I can’t remember what they even said there. But I think it had to do with showers and something usual or typical, but Ygrette didn’t know about it because they didn’t have showers where she came from. It was quite funny. But even then, you color see the love they both had for each other. That baby boy is going to have lots of fun in this life, though.