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Highlights of the New Martin Gore Solo EP The Third Chimpanzee

Martin Gore Depeche Mode’s has made the public know about his new EP which he did on his own. It is titled The Third Chimpanzee. You can check out the track which was released from this piece.


Who is Gore? 

Gore refers to one of the founders of Depeche Mode. He has already organized his followed up which merged with the 2015 album MG which was also a huge part of the new EP.

This EP is set to get released from Gore on the 29th of January 2021. It has also been reviewed by Mandrill personally.


Who Recorded and wrote this Solo EP?

This EP was recorded and written by Gore at the beginning of the year when he was in Santa Barbara Electric Ladyboy. That’s why you can always hear the Mandrill.


The Mandrill stated the first track he recorded has a sound that did not sound human. Martin stated that he loved his new music. It sounded like a primate. He later ended up naming it howler. Which was named after a monkey.

After naming the EP, he decided to read the book titled The Rise and Fall of the Third Chimpanzee.

That was when everything made a lot of sense. And he decided to call the EP by this name. Because the EP was created by one of these three chimpanzees.


Tracks available on the Third Chimpanzee EP

This part of this piece would talk about the tracks available on this EP titled The Third Chimpanzee. You can pre-order this EP so when it’s available you can get it as soon as possible.

The tracks in this EP include the following;

  1. Howler’s End
  2. Vervet
  3. Capuchin
  4. Mandrill
  5. Howler


Some weeks ago, we noticed that the mode of Depeche got inducted to the Hall of Game of Rock and Roll. We had Charlize Theron who spoke and she praised the band which was marked with honor.

Dave Gahan who’s a frontman stated during the day of their induction that when he was growing up, he listened to music on the radio, and enjoying that music helped him feel like he was a part of something. Something normal, something real, the universe one might say. Not being strange, not being weird. The music listened to from the radio helped my personal and mental life. It brought back life to me. This is what music brings and gives people. This is also what Depeche Mode has done for a lot of people. He also thinks that music helps to bring practically everyone together. We all need music right now than at any other time in the existence of the world.

The universe knows this, which is why it keeps sending people like Martin Gore to keep delivering great music, tracks, and solo EP for us all to gain and enjoy peace of mind. Without peace of mind, harmony, and joy, then why are we living?