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How to Play Music on Zoom

After the pandemic hit zoom became one of the most popular apps used wold wide. With frequent lockdowns and social distancing implemented people need a way to go about their business and interact. Zoom became the go-to app, want to host a business meeting, host or join an online class, an online party, weddings and even funerals were hosted on zoom. Until 2020 zoom was just a business app but now it’s a place where people do all their business.

 Playing Music on Zoom

Although Zoom gave people an easy way to interact online it’s not very pleasant in the jams department. If you have hosted a Zoom meeting before or joined one(almost every has at this time) then u know how it feels when someone tries to hit a track or 2. It’s like a gift-wrapped migraine. The audio on Zoom may be good for talking but trying to play music in the background via a speaker or even an instrument is comparable to banging the audience’s head with a frying pan.

Does that mean you shouldn’t play music on Zoom? No. If done right it’s possible to play pleasant music on Zoom for everyone to enjoy

How to share audio on zoom

 Maybe you are chilling with your friends on Zoom and you want to up to mood so you play a song from a speaker in the background but it ends up having the opposite effect. That’s because you didn’t do it the right way, I’m about to show you the right way. By now it’s probably no news that you can share your screen on zoom but what most people don’t know is you can share your sound. Using this method helps you play clear music from your computer.

To do this open the meeting toolbar then click on ‘Share Screen’. A window for screen sharing will open, click on the advanced tab, click on music or computer sound only, at the bottom-right of the screen there is a share button, click on it to start sharing your screen. Doing this allows you to share music directly from your computer using any app or streaming service you would normally use.

Playing Music live on Zoom 

 The first step was great for playing already recorded music but what if you want to play an instrument while hosting a live music session. There is a way but it’s a bit tricky compared to sharing audio. Open the Zoom desktop client, open the Navigation Menu on the top right, click on audio then disable ‘automatically adjust microphone volume’. This feature is only preferable for talking but not music as it reduces the sound, after disabling adjust the volume to your preference. Open the ‘suppress background noise’ and set it to low.

Next click on advanced, the audio setting will be open, enable ‘enable original sound’. Doing this adds an ‘enable original sound’ option to your meeting. Click on the button when you want to play music, clicking on this also reveals other options enable ‘High fidelity mode’ and ‘stereo audio’ if you have a mic that can record in stereo. That’s it, doing this will increase the quality of your music.