Kawaii Anime Apparel for Pop Culture Geeks

Currently, in Japan, the Kawaii culture is a popular style of cuteness, and this can be seen in the fact that many people patronize the foremost brand of Kawaii Culture clothes, Happy Monday. It is no news that Happy Monday clothes are designed to showcase the love for Kawaii culture by both geeks and nongeeks. The Happy Monday brand is special because it is handmade apparel with a Kawaii aesthetic.

It is impossible to stay in Japan and not come across the cuteness of this culture. You will see it on the streets, in the form of people, wearing Happy Monday clothes and other popular Kawaii clothing brands. You could see it on the TV, the newspaper and even the internet. This is one culture that is here to stay. 

Kawaii is a term used to describe anything that seems cute to you. As long as it makes you say, “Awww!” then there is a great chance that it is.

We will look at some key elements of the Kawaii culture that can also be expressed on Happy Monday clothes.

3 Anime TV Series in Kawaii Culture 

Sora Kashiwagi

This is a boy that is staying alone whenever his father journeys to a strange place, seeking different activities. When his father comes back, he sometimes brings exotic souvenirs. These exotic souvenirs are dangerous items that end up wanting to kill him.

There was a time his dad sent him a big coffin. He was expecting to see Dracula or Ramses II squeezed in it. What he saw was a palm-sized mummy that he christened, Mii-kun.

You may be surprised to find a tiny mummy inside a coffin. Is there anything like a tiny mummy? That is Japan for you because their creative levels are high. You can’t predict what would happen next. This is why Kawaii culture is a formidable pop culture that many Japanese are embracing.


This show is set in a kitchen that seems to be normal, except the bananas start to move. What surprises us the most is the fact that every banana in the kitchen has a cat in it, and that is why they are moving.

This focuses on what was called bananya. This part of Kawaii culture is made up of banana cats that love being covered in chocolate.

These banana cats only play when there is no human present. Every episode may not belong but watching them will leave you feeling so cute. They are so sugary to the extent that you may have type 2 diabetes by merely watching it. After watching them, you may start to feel guilty when you eat bananas.

Itoshi no Muco 

Muco is one energetic Shiba Inu dog that can’t be without her owner. She loves Komatsu and does cute things to impress her owner.

There is a great chance that you have seen memes on different social media networks about the Shiba Inu breed. It is one dog breed that is popular in Japan. It is important to note that though Muco is cute, she doesn’t portray the exact lifestyle of the Shiba Inu. This breed may be cute and energetic but these dogs are not like Muco on the TV.

Kawaii pop culture fans love cute clothes and Anime TV series. Which is your favorite brand and show?