Natural Inflammation Relief for Gaming Elbow

It is no news that pain has the ability to destroy our will to live. It is able to annoy us so much that we get tired. Pain has made a lot of people become addicted to prescription drugs. For athletes, chronic video gamers, and people who use computers every day, gaming elbow is an issue that they face. It can be likened to elbow pain.

This is a dull and sharp pain that may be continuous or is in short bursts that could affect your life negatively. The intense discomfort from gaming elbow maybe because of dislocation or fracture. Sometimes, this dull pain may be linked to cancer, an autoimmune condition, trauma, strain or even sprain that is linked to the joint in the elbow.

Some types of elbow pain can lead to a different kind of pain, while another one can cause a different kind of pain. Sometimes, the gaming elbow may leave you having different types of pain together.

Elbow Pain: What Causes It?

There are different causes of pain in the elbow. Most times, it is because the intense strain was placed on that elbow joint. It could be as a result of sports, work, and even accidents. We will look at different causes of this condition.

Sprains and Strains 

This occurs when the ligaments are torn. You see those ligaments that link the two bones together when they are torn, this could lead to elbow pain. When a strain because of the stretching of the muscle, this could also lead to gaming elbow.


When the tendons that link the bones to the muscles are irritated, this could lead to pain. This occurs when the elbow has been overused. 


This occurs when the bursae are inflamed.

Tennis Elbow

This is also called lateral epicondylitis, and it occurs because of a tendon inflammation of the muscles.

Golfer’s Elbow

This is called medial epicondylitis. This happens as a result of the tendon on the forearm muscle being inflamed.

Throwing Injuries

This is also christened, “baseball pitcher’s elbow.” This occurs because the elbow is excessively used. It can be seen in those that play baseball.

Treatment for Elbow Pain

The treatment used is dependent on the level of the elbow pain. It won’t be a bad idea to talk to an orthopedic specialist and have him or her examine you.

If the strains and sprains are minor, they can be treated with compression and even ice packs. Some specialists may advise that you use ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and friction/myofascial release massage.

If the pain is from fractures, the orthopedic specialist may advise that you rest and give you a brace, sling or cast. If it is severe, there may be a need for surgery. 

However, if you’re facing minor elbow pain, you should consider trying out Terry Naturally. The supplement brand offers pain relief formulas made from curcumin, which is a natural anti-inflammatory.