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Our Thoughts on the Netflix ‘Tiger King 2’ TV Series

 What is Tiger King About

Tiger King is a fast-paced wild mix between a reality show and a documentary series. The show took the media by storm when it was released in March 2020 becoming Netflix’s most popular Original of the year. The story follows a US tiger owner Joseph Maldonado-Passage also known as Joe Exotic, a man who ran for president and later ran for governor of Oklahoma. Joe was the owner of a seemingly successful private zoo housing over 200 big cats.

On the outside, Joe Exotic is seen as an eccentric who loves to wear leopard-skinned t-shirts and tour malls with his big cats. Although he has lived the celebrity lifestyle for some time, behind the scene he struggles with is Nemesis and owner of big cat rescue Carole Baskin. Carole Baskin is an animal activist who seeks to end the ownership of big cats in the US. Their rivalry helped fuel most of the storyline in season 1 as Joe Exotic also accused Carole Baskin of killing a rich husband.

While the first season of Tiger King was a success many would argue that it was due to the time of its release. At the time most people couldn’t leave their homes and probably felt empty and in need of entertainment, many claims that people were driven to watch almost anything during the lockdown. At the end of the first season, we learn that Joe Exotic Had been sentenced to 22year in prison for plotting to kill Carole Baskin.

Tiger King 2

Although Tiger King 2 may have gotten around Exotics imprisonment by delving into his past life in the first episode, it still failed to properly address some of the issues the first season had. One of those is the misogyny directed at Carole Baskin with the events episodes 2 and 3 casting doubt on Baskin. She had already gotten a lot of hate from men in the big cat world for being an animal activist the popularity of the show introduced her to a whole other audience of haters. Another issue Tiger King has is how its unbelievable stories make the film markers seem like they do not care about telling the subject’s story but just want to milk them dry.

Tiger King 2 delves more into true crime with the disappearance of Carole Baskins husband Don Lewis with an investigation as to what happens. Carole Baskin had refused to participate in the sequel but she had already posted of herself reading her diary on YouTube which was used to create a narrative. Although Tiger King presents a wildly entertaining group of casts for a reality show but can be terrible when used as a provision for source in the investigation of a murder case. The show also fails to provide context as to our serious people should take the accusation made by Exotic about Carole Baskin killing her husband and feeding his body to tigers.