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Our Thoughts on Video Gaming Gloves

What I love about Video games is how immerse it is. You don’t have to be you as you can play any character that you choose. It can give you the needed escape from the doldrums and challenges of reality. Unlike life, you always get a second, a third, and, an infinite amount of chances to make up for your error and most importantly, you’re in control. But sometimes, that control could slip out of your hands (yeah, I know, good wordplay) literally. To avoid this slip, some powder their hands while others get video gaming gloves. In this article, we share our thoughts on video gaming gloves.


Why the Need for Video Gaming Gloves

As alluded to in the introduction, games these days tend to be very immersive. This means that you tend to experience all the sights and sounds that the character in your game goes through. This could sometimes mean that sometimes you feel feverish or sweaty or your hands start to ache from the vibrations of your video game controller. Video gaming gloves are comfortable and stylish perspiration absorbing alternative to powder and they provide gamers with palm surfaces that may keep their hands warm as well as ensure a firm grip of the controller so that it never slips out of their hands.


Some of the best Video Gaming Gloves

These video gaming gloves are made with PC gamers in mind and this is evident in the divergence of features in each glove. While both gloves have a half-finger design that helps control temperature, the right glove is enhanced with grips that make it easy to keep a hold of your video game controller and the left glove protects your wrist from aches with the aid of wrist rest.

  1. Ironclad Console Video gaming Gloves

Just as the Ironclad MIBR PC gaming gloves are built with PC gamers in mind, the Ironclad Console Video gaming gloves are made for those who enjoy gaming on consoles; and whereas the former utilizes a half finger design, the latter makes use of a full-finger design that has some complaints about the reduction in tactile feedback. Its contoured designs are a perfect fit for a video game controller and its texture is of breathable material that helps to reduce sweat. These gaming gloves is endowed with fingertips that are sensitive to touch screen- a feature that may come in handy in certain console sets.

  • Bear Grips Video Gaming Gloves

These video gaming gloves help to counteract sweaty palms without limiting the use of your fingers. Their webbed silicone design ensures that while they do not cover your thumb, your video game controller remains locked in your hands even through intense gaming sequences. The only drawback we can think of to these wonderful video gaming gloves is their lack of wrist support.



Video gaming gloves ensure grip and prevent the video gaming controller from falling out of your hand. If you are looking to go professional, purchasing video gaming gloves is the first step and even if you’re not, but you desire to enjoy your video games without the border of perspiration or wrist aches, they are the way to go.