Reasons to Date a Nerd

Hollywood has spent years reinventing its idea of what a nerd is – from the obnoxious, glasses-wearing college guys who snort in 1984’s “Revenge of the Nerds” to the scientific-minded Egon Spengler from “Ghostbusters” and beyond. In reality, however, nerds are quite charming and intelligent members of society.

Here are the top 10 reasons to date a nerd.

5 Awesome Reasons to Date a Nerd

They Don’t Play Games

While modern nerds play video games such as “Call of Duty,” they do not necessarily play mind games with girls. They have the most innocent minds with the most harmless and pure pickup lines. They also do not involve themselves in silly mind games or heart games. Instead, as overly honest fact-seekers, they are straightforward when it comes to relationships, especially since they’ve been meaning to be in one all their life.

They Fix Problems

Whether they are fixing a computer bug or a mathematical problem, a nerd will also try to solve problems in their relationship. They can save the day, especially when it involves technological wisdom.

They are the Best

Nerds love being the best at what do, especially when it comes to winning at love. Nerds are willing to achieve their goals no matter how long it takes. Now that’s what you call commitment. Getting the right guy like that might be just what a girl needs to finally settle down and look at the bigger picture.

They are Passionate

It is a known fact that all nerds have a passion for something. And when they put their effort and mind into it, you’ll just love the effort and commitment they have for it. Now imagine if that passion was a girl, and I mean imagine if that passion was you. It’s the undying passion of a nerdy love story.

They Always Have Something to Talk About

If you’ve ever been around a nerd, then you’ll know what I’m talking about. They are full of so many interesting trivia facts and knowledge about tech stuff that it will brighten up your night. Just let him take the steering wheel on your conversation and watch him drive your conversation to places you never knew existed.