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Remembering Dustin Diamond

Hey, you remember Saved by the Bell main actor. Sadly he died after suffering from cancer.

This awesome forty-four-year-old man was entirely known as Samuel Screech Powers from that popular 1990s United States sitcom. The sitcom was about some high school friends and their principal.

After completing the first chemotherapy round from lung cancer at the end of last month, he could not survive from then on. Before anyone knew what was happening, his situation deteriorated very fast. Luckily he did not suffer; he did not have to lay there in pain. For this, we are all grateful.

Saved by the Bell had about four seasons from the years 1989 – 1993.


On-screen love 

Several Co-stars from the series have been showing lots of love to their fellow Co-star that just passed away. Mario Lopez has been known to fans as AC Slater. He stated he would miss his man Dustin.

Life is so fragile; make sure you never take anything for granted. Prayers for your family would need to continue.

Tori’s spelling that starred in a few episodes along with diamond described him as someone who was an icon to him. Professionally and personally, as she talked about him being her first on-screen, love.


You could view all about the death of Dustin Diamond from Instagram.

On Instagram and all other social media platforms where Dustin is being mourned. It is an unfortunate thing to see. May Mr. Diamond continue resting in peace.


How was the life of Dustin Diamond

Dustin Diamond was a great man. He was usually busy either looking for the latest series to cast or take care of his family. All family members mourned his death because they would miss someone true to his character. He was a consistent human being who did precisely all the things he said he would do. If you’ve ever seen Dustin, you would understand what I am talking about. He had this Aura of positivity all around him. If you had problems or little things bothering you, you could easily talk to him, and before you know it, you would start feeling better.

I think the people that would feel the pain of Dustin’s passing would be his family. The ones that stayed with him all through the period he managed cancer.

And they were all happy because it felt like he was done with cancer completely. They had no idea he wouldn’t survive.

Dustin fought so hard, but you know how it is with cancer. It is so sad there’s no vaccine yet to prevent the cause of any and every form of cancer.


Remembering Dustin Diamond 

The world is doing its best to remember this awesome actor. Even after he has passed away, he shall never be forgotten. What’s that thing they say about artists, actors, and songwriters? Oh yes, it is said that they would never be forgotten because they always remain alive through their work. May Dustin rest in peace.