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Star Trek vs. Star Wars: Which is Better?

Hi there. Today we are going to be talking about the long-time argument between Star Trek and Star Wars. Before you start reading this piece, you know or have one in mind which you feel is better. But today, I’ll give you or tell you how I think about both of them. It is my choice, though. Let’s begin.


Which is Better? Star Trek or Star Wars? 

Many people enjoy taking the side of one of these, and then they hate the other movie. I would try not to pick aside. Instead, why don’t you agree that both are good? Since you are already a fan of it. You do not need to like everything, though. Just because you are a Marvel fan doesn’t mean you need to hate DC, you know. The same thing should be said about the rivalry between Star Trek and Star Wars. Growing up as a kid, you might feel the severe need to pick a side by force. But when you get to a place like a college, you will learn you should like all of it.

But it would be best if you still had your preferences because that makes you who you are in the face of everyone else. Someone like me presently, I enjoy Marvel, Avatar, Consoles, Nintendo too. You might prefer Star wars a lot more than Star Trek for an extended period.

That’s the story of how these projects from very different sides, things including the tastes adults have and then with the fact that COVID 19 pushed people from loving Star Wars to enjoying Star Trek a lot more. This is also a perfect topic you need to settle and evaluate in your mind.


Other Thoughts on Star Wars 

I am not a fan of these franchises. But people that were late bloomers to the Star Wars world compared it to other shows at that age. Not seeing these films until 1997 and then from the release of the star wars trilogy. There are special editions that came out in theaters. There should be fellow LRM Contributors who need to give us credit for this. Because I’m sure you all prefer Star Wars to Star Trek.

The first Star Wars trilogy was everything. It is still everything. It is all the Star Wars fans want and wish for, honestly speaking. Especially when you’re so young at the age of seven that every little thing excites you. Even as you grow older, it might stop being your favorite trilogy out of the entire franchise, but there are various films that you could use and then return to over and over. Presently, depending on the part of the world you were born in and everything, it would affect which you think is better. But oh well, my advice is for you to open your mind. Enjoy both worlds. They were all created for me and you to enjoy, watch and have a lot of fun, you know.