Star Wars: The Mandalorian Weapons Overview

The Mandalorian, also known as Star Wars: The Mandalorian, is a popular new TV series released by Disney+ in 2019.

It was nice when we saw that the Mandalorians were able to come out to defend their tribe members. We noticed that the sequence was designed to show both the armaments of the title characters and other fighters that were featured too, which intrigued us.

To some fans, they felt that the upgrades that the other fighters got in the Mandalorian weapons were not fair to the hero. The other fighters had similar weapons to them.

The Mandalorian weapons and armor that the hero uses have been divided into the following.

The Mandalorian Weapons in 3 Categories

Beskar Steel: Cuirass, Signets, Pauldrons, and More

It is no news that Mandalorians can’t fight without their armor. The armor is an essential part of their garb.

Anyone that knows the Mandalorians knows that their armor is as important and legendary as they are. The type of armor that a warrior wears tells a lot about the code of honor and strength of the characters. The armor is normally forged from beskar – the name of Mandalorian iron. This armor can’t be pierced through by the lightsaber, and it is one of the few materials that have this ability.

If you come across a professional Mandalorian metalsmith, you can easily tell because they are capable of building beskar into anything.

The hero is said to have a lot of beskar, which he got from a bounty.

He was supposed to get a signet, but he refused to take it because he felt that his sole ability didn’t make him conquer the Mudhorn. He had help from others.

The beskar he brought didn’t waste because the metalsmith turned it into numerous “Whistling Birds.”

Helmet and Visor: Complete with HUD

The helmet is an important aspect of the armor that the Mandalorian can’t do without. It was the first piece that he possessed. We haven’t seen a scene that he didn’t have it on. This helmet comes with its signature T-shaped visor, which ensures that his head is a shield from enemy attacks.

The helmet comes with a built-in heads-up display that possesses scanners, telescoping optics, and more sensors built-in. It ensures that the harsh sun of the planet doesn’t affect him negatively, especially when he is on bounty hunting.

Whistling Birds: Good for Crowd Control

Do you remember that we said that there was an extra beskar that was remaining? Well, it was used in making the Whistling Birds, since the beskar wasn’t used in making the armor.

Some of beskar was also offered to the Foundlings when The Mandalorian asked for it. 

This is a tool that is great for crowd control, as it possesses small missiles. It is limited by the number of munitions that it has. When he attempted to run away from The Client’s compound with Baby Yoda, the Mandalorian makes use of the Whistling Birds. It worked well, as it was able to annihilate a lot of stormtroopers that had laid siege on them.