The Coronavirus’ Impact on the Music Industry

The world has been rocked by the coronavirus virus pandemic since 2019. The impact of this pandemic has been felt all over the world across virtually all aspects of life and industry. The music industry has not been spared from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

Part of the reasons is because you cannot think of the music industry without thinking about massive crowds enjoying music in various settings, be it live concerts or gatherings in clubs. When the pandemic started becoming serious, adjustments in the music industry had to be made quickly.

To curb the spread of the coronavirus, the need for social distancing was absolutely necessary because of how the virus spreads. Music concerts, live music gatherings, and festivals were marked as high risk, so they were canceled or postponed first when the pandemic started spreading fast.

Impact of Coronavirus on the Music Industry

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the music industry is quite dire.

Cancellations an Postponements

Countless music concerts and events such as award shows, festivals, and music tours have been postponed or canceled. Coachella, one of the most popular music festivals ever, has been rescheduled, and many musicians have postponed or canceled their album release. Some artists had to release their albums before the planned date, leading to poor publicity and revenue, thus crippling the source of livelihood for the artists and their support teams who are dependent on the music industry.

Music festivals, artists’ appearances, tours, and gigs that were supposed to hold this year have been indefinitely postponed. However, in this period certain musicians, artists, and composers have used the time afforded them by the pandemic to make new music, work on their craft, and improve their sound.

Several artists and people in the music industry still try to reach out to their fans and entertain them, even though people are still advised to practice physical distancing and self-isolation as the situation requires.

Streaming Services

It has been discovered that during this coronavirus pandemic people stream music less than they used to. This is surprising, but it was discovered that music streams from all over the world of the Top 200 chart on Spotify has been reduced by 11 percent from March 13, 2020, to the following week. After countries started shutting down schools, bars, and places of public gathering, the effect on the music industry has been tremendous.

Several artists have been streaming their performances online since the coronavirus pandemic lockdown started. Some artists even hold concerts online; an example of this is the iHeart Living Room Concert. These artists have used these platforms to raise awareness about the virus and preventive methods to help the public.

No matter the aspect of the music industry, whether big or small, the coronavirus pandemic has greatly impacted them.

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