The Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X: What We Know So Far

While there have been talks of more console games coming up, we will take a look at all that we know about the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Unveiled in December 2019, the Xbox Series X aims to be better than some of the other console games you may have seen. As expected, these consoles will definitely pack AMD silicon, which is based on the leading and advanced Zen 2 Processor architecture. These two game consoles have been designed to be up to 8K video resolution. This helps to elevate the current generation solutions with the Microsoft company seeking to out-do the Xbox One X.

The Similarities

When it comes to console specifications, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are tied. These two devices coming from Microsoft and Sony have been designed to offer an impressive and graphically thrilling gaming experience that is higher than any other one that you have seen. While the dates for these consoles have not been announced, there is speculation that they will be released in the holiday season sometime between October to December.

While Sony made the first move, offering concrete information and details of the PS5 back in April, there is substantial proof that these two companies are definitely singing from the same hymn. 

According to the Sony report, a new “Gold Standard” console setting has been activated. This feature will offer 3D audio and will become more immersive for users that are seeking to make use of headsets. It has also been revealed that the resolution for the PlayStation 5 will be higher than the TV of most people. These two consoles have been designed to have a higher performance, and there are currently no games at their level right now.

The Differences

One of the most interesting things about the Sony PS5 is that it is built with the SSD Storage like most of the other consoles designed by the brand. With their upcoming Spider-Man 2 game, Sony is showcasing its prowess. Unlike any of the other games, this game has been designed with in-depth details of New York with an “Amazing Race” formation. These features will never be possible in PlayStation 4. This is exactly why the PS5 is the most advanced console coming from the Sony brand.

The Xbox Series X is not left out too. This console has been designed to have a very high resolution and has been integrated with some of the best features you will never find in any of the existing video games. While the Series X is not your best choice if you’re looking for an eco-friendly game to play at your leisure time, the PS5, on the other hand, according to Sony has been designed to be energy efficient as possible. According to the brand, they are trying to make it more efficient than the PS4. This shows that these companies are also taking a stand for the preservation of our video gaming universe.