The Rise of Lofi Music Popularity

Dion Lewis was listening to some of the background songs for his youtube page that is for lessons on computer programming with his family in Chicago. Later the next day Lewis was touched on what he heard, he took his laptop and DJ controller to make a soothing hip hop song titled “Late Night Coding in Chicago” that lasted for about 32 minutes and till this date is still recorded to have a large number of views on his page.

Lo-Fi Music Genre

This genre is called lo-fi music and its sounds tend to be relaxing and soft, has no lyrics to it, and very low profile that you may even forget that you were listening to music. It is supposed to be for mood resetting; mostly it’s for people who want to concentrate, or doing a tough job that requires focus.

This genre of music spread like a wide fire on YouTube at a particular period, and was getting recognized in the year 2016 and then became popular because of channels, and then millions of people started to accept the new style of music.


On the internet the lo-fi music artists are putting themselves out there for the world to listen, and they do this with one idea: feeling excited or anxious about less. Even though each lo-fi music station has its profile, they have all profited verities of bad ideas from using the page live streaming option this will let the viewers rewatch the video over and over again. Most videos have a picture that doesn’t move throughout the video or has an animation of an individual sitting at the window listening to music with either headphones or AirPods or the person is working on his or her laptop with a pet at her feet.

Music Videos

Lo-fi music videos have gained more views in 2020 than the other years: we are looking at over a billion views combined. Artists that are involved in the lo-fi music genre have even created their fan club on the app. In 2020, the wonderful hit “death bed” reached up to 700 million views worldwide with the music video and fan downloads, it went to No 23 on the billboard’s Hot chart and was very viral on the app TikTok. And even communities try to explore this genre of music, for example, in Mexico, a group tries to redevelop the lo-fi music into a Mexican style of lo-fi to tell of the components of the Mexican lifestyle.

But as the awareness of these genres emerges, the original taste of lo-fi music is still unrecognized on YouTube; the searches are few, but the song is small but melodious. These songs whisper into the ear calmly and gently. This is the kind of music that elevates your mood, and it is a great way of relieving stress and make you forget the troubles of the world. It is best played when you are relaxing in your room after a hard day of work or when you want to concentrate on something.

But one thing is for sure: the lo-fi music will continue to elevate daily, and people will recognize it for what it is.