The Taylor Swift Back Tattoo and Other Celebrity Tattoos

Celebrities and tattoos are all the rage. When you hear of one celebrity’s tattoo, not long after, there’s news of another’s crazy tattoo. But yes, isn’t that why we love celebrities? They’re always giving us something to talk about.

This time, Taylor Swift is in the news because of her crazy butterfly back tattoo. With the tattoo covering most of her back, there has been a lot of skepticism as to whether or not the Taylor Swift back tattoo is real or simply for a show, and what exactly is the meaning behind it? Let’s get to the bottom of it and look into some other famous celebrity tattoos as well.

4 Celebrity Tattoos in the News

Taylor Swift Back Tattoo

The Taylor Swift back tattoo incorporates a snake and a swarm of butterflies, and the snake seems to be morphing into the butterflies. While this is most likely a temporary tattoo, it does seem to symbolize anything specifically.

Taylor Swift, for one, has definitely gone through a lot of transformations, and as we first got to see the massive tattoo in her single, “You Need to Calm Down,” there is no doubt it’s a way of saying that all her haters need to take a seat!

The snake in the Taylor Swift back tattoo symbolizes her past, most likely when her reputation was dragged through the mud, while the butterflies signify hope, a new beginning, and transformation at large. These are strategically placed to show all that she has overcome. (You go, girl!)

Kat Von D’s Arm Tattoo

As a tattoo artist, it shouldn’t be too surprising that Kat Von D has gone all out with a tattoo that basically covers her whole arm in black ink. You’re probably thinking of the amount of pain that was endured… well, apparently it only took an hour and a half to ink her arm. While the tattoo artist commented that it was one of the best works of tattoo art she has seen, the public was quick to disagree, and many described it as spray paint. Nonetheless, celebrities seem to have no limits when it comes to the types of tattoos they get.

Ariana Grande’s Tattoo

Ariana Grande got a Kanji tattoo that turned out to be misspelled. It was meant to allude to the 7 rings but instead ended up referring to a small charcoal grill – totally unrelated! Of course, fans did not waste time in pointing this out, and the celebrity tried to cover it up by saying that getting the tattoo was really painful and she couldn’t have lasted long enough for another character to be added. Of course, this was not the case, and Ariana Grande later tried to get it corrected.

Lena Dunham’s Tattoo

Many feel that when they have gotten over an addiction, they do not want to see or come into contact with anything that reminds them of the addiction or would prompt them to go back to it. On the contrary, Lena Dunham, after recovering from drug addiction, actually got a rosary of pills tattooed on her ankle! She also recently got a rope of letters on the back of her neck tattooed that says “Sick,” in honor of her chronic illness.

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What celebrity tattoo would you get on your body?