The Witcher Scenes from Season 1 You Must Watch on Netflix

“The Witcher” has been described by most people as one of the breakout Netflix TV series right now. Based on the monster-slaying video game saga of the same name, the ancient theme and captivating storyline have made it one of the best fantasy/drama-based shows anyone can see at the moment. In this piece, we’ll take a look at some must-watch “The Witcher” scenes from the first season of this TV series. These scenes include but are definitely not limited to the following.

Essential “The Witcher” Scenes

1. End’s Beginning – This has to be one of the best scenes to see if you’ve not seen this amazing TV show before. In this scene, Geralt of Rivia is contacted by Stregobor the Wizard and was asked to kill Renfri. Renfri happens to be a princess turned bandit with a cursed origin that threatens the balance of things in the world. In this scene, the idea of killing someone that has done him no harm does not actually sit well with Geralt and he refuses to carry out this mission.

One of the interesting things about this scene is the way Stregobor described the little evils that are carried about to ensure that the world is balanced. The quotes alone from this scene would definitely make you decide to see this Original Netflix series.

2. The Siege of Cintra – This is another interesting scene that took part in Cintra in the first episode of this TV show. The most amazing thing about this scene is how the fights are made to be slow and more graphically aesthetic. In this scene, Nilfgaard laid waste to the city and forced Queen Calanthe to send away her granddaughter for her own safety.  

Seeing the nobles poisoning themselves and Calanthe falling is one horrible sight but it contributes to the overall beauty of this amazing series. As you go on, you will see that there is actually a way these killings would have been avoided. Irrespective of what you think of this TV series, one thing we can all agree is that this scene was beautiful and for first-time viewers it will definitely encourage them to continue seeing it.

3. Bottled Appetites – Featuring the long-awaited meeting between Yennefer and Geralt, this scene was glorious. This scene is a continuation of their flirtatious encounter at Yen’s party. In this scene, we found out that Yen had other mechanisms and was planning to become the vessel of the wish giver. She did all this to become more powerful and to have a child of her own. To save her, Geralt simply has to make use of his third and only choice. The choice although not being what we all wanted was helpful and helped save Yen.

“The Witcher” is one of the most interesting TV series out there right now. It has been created to give you an amazing and graphically aesthetic series to see in your leisure time. Endeavor to check it out if you’ve not seen it. It is currently being streamed on Netflix.