Top 10 Hottest Anime Girl Characters on TV

Anime girl characters are not only known for strength and power but also for their immense beauty. Here are the top 10 hottest Anime girl characters on TV right now.

Our Top 10 Hottest Anime Girl Picks

1. Erza Scarlet

Number one on our list of the top 10 hottest Anime girl characters on TV, Erza Scarlet is the strongest woman in “Fairy Tail” with a specialty in requip magic. She belongs to the S-Class mage of the Fairy Tale Guild and she is also a member of Team Natsu. She stands as the only sword mage that is capable of re-equipping armors and weapons, having over 100s of armor. She is also known for her ability to requip really fast.

2. Rias Gremory

Rias Gremory is a beautiful pale lady with blue eyes inherited from Zeoticus, her father. The main female protagonist of “High School DxD,” she has beautiful long crimson hair that reaches her thighs. Rias possesses exceptional demonic power of destruction that when utilized, allows her to destroy matter, both living and non-living, with ease.

3. Lucy Heartfilia

Lucy Heartfilia of “Fairy Tale” is a shoulder-length blonde who has brown eyes. She often ties her hair into a ponytail to the right side with a ribbon and leaves the rest of her hair down. She has a curvaceous body and possesses celestial magical powers that enable her to summon celestial spirit residing in the celestial spirit world.

4. Akeno Himejima

Undoubtedly, Akeno Himejima of “High School DxD” is one of the favorites among boys because of her curvy figure – the typical dream girl. She is quite big and often wears traditional Miko attire, making her figure even more evident. Her hair is usually tied in one ponytail with tendrils escaping.

5. Irina Shidou

Our fifth pick for our list of the top 10 hottest Anime girl characters on TV, Irina Shidou’s light brown hair reaches all the way down to her thighs and is tied in two ponytails. She is undeniably one of the hottest girl characters on TV. Coupled with a cheery personality, she is all the rage in Anime and stars in “High School DxD.”

6. Yūuki Asuna

As one of the most popular Anime characters, Yūuki Asuna from “Sword Art” is considered one of the most attractive girl characters. She is a strong-willed character often described as created a bit too perfectly. This makes it obvious that she is not based on any real person.

7. Ikaros

With long, rosy pink hair, Ikaros from “Sora no Otoshimono” (Heaven’s Lost Property) emits a lot of attractiveness. Not only is her figure healthy, but she also has a pretty face with emerald-colored eyes, making her a win-win on all sides.

8. Shinka Nibutani

Shinka Nibutani of “Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions” is a very beautiful girl with the personality of an innocent little girl whose true colors are yet to be revealed. She is an enigma wrapped in a mystery.

9. Kazuha Migiwa

Although her looks are not as obvious as some of the other top 10 hottest Anime girl characters, Kazuha Migiwa of “Yosuga no Sora” is an absolutely beautiful woman with both dark hair and dark eyes – something that gives her an air of mystery.

10. Saeko Busujima

Starring in “High School of the Dead,” Saeko Busujima’s most attractive feature is her lips, which are almost always a shiny pink. With her hair often covering part of her eyes, she looks beautiful effortlessly, which earns her a position in the top 10 hottest Anime girl characters.

Who is your favorite female Anime character?