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Top Video Games to Play on Amazon’s Prime Gaming Service

Amazon’s Prime Gaming Service is doing all it can to highlight the offerings available for gamers these days. Doing all of this using service launch to the gaming service from Amazon prime.


What is Amazon’s Prime Gaming Service


This refers to a brand new version of Twitch Prime. This is the service that Amazon launched to the world for some years. It has gotten tied to the game streaming platform which has made it so popular from the year 2014 when it was acquired.

In both new and old incarnations, Prime Gaming or Twitch Prime has great game content like skins and weapons. It also has a twitch channel subscription which is a great part of the standard prime membership. The public announcement that was made on Prime Gaming included the creation of brand new content of games that have not been available before. You get access to free games and a twitch channel subscription monthly.

Rebranding of Amazon’s gaming service was done and it premiered with some epic games.


List of Top Video Games to Play on Amazon’s Prime Gaming Service


Of all the games available on Amazon’s Prime Gaming Service, this piece would list a few of them. This Prime Gaming has offered serious in-game content on the games listed as follows:

  • League of Legends 
  • EA Sports FIFA 20
  • Apex Legends
  • Red Dead Online
  • Grand Theft Auto Online
  • Mortal Kombat Online 

In-game content on games like Mortal Kombat online and Grand Theft Auto online would let you have more playable characters and on games like Mortal Kombat, you get to enjoy the game play and connect on the go with your friends no matter which part of the world they stay at. These are the benefits of making use of Amazon’s Prime Gaming Service.

And about twenty other console, PC, and mobile games. It has a free PC game collection monthly. This month, the collection of these games includes games like Treachery in Beatdown City, Metal Slug 2, and SNK 40th Anniversary Collection. 


What Prime Members have to Enjoy from Amazon’s Prime Gaming Service


Great prime members already enjoy the best music, movies, and TV has to offer. Now the level of entertainment that would be offered to these prime members has increased. This is what Plotnick Larry stated. He’s the GM of Amazon’s Prime Gaming Service. The essence of all of this is to make their clients and consumers feel free, enjoy themselves, have all they desire from watching their favorite shows to playing their favorite games to linking up with their buddies and having loads of fun all over the internet. This is why it does its best to give out brand new content on all platforms to make sure these clients have more fun by the second. Irrespective of the genre of games you enjoy, or no matter which consoles you play them, you would enjoy them better using Amazon’s Prime Gaming Service.