Video Game Update: Mario Versus Donkey Kong 2

“Mario versus Donkey Kong 2,” tagged “March of the Minis” was released in 2006. The making of this video game centers on the peculiarity it came with this time around. In the original Game Boy edition, the video game was basic and simple, but this time around, this sequel demands that you manually play the game and manage it yourself by making the Marios and everything in the game, to act as you wish. All these are done through a touch screen control.

Touch Control and Other Features

In the touch screen control, you have to directly tap the Marios one after the other to cause them to either stay in motion or to bring them to a halt. You can also swipe to compel them to take opposite directions or hop, that should be according to the way you swipe the stylus to make them reverse directions or jump, depending on the progression of your touch screen. There are so many other features that are embedded in the video game, and you get to explore them yourself when you purchase the game.

A lot of people think that “Mario versus Donkey Kong 2” is not as fun when you describe it in relation to the original. The plot and layout are totally different from the “Mario vs Donkey Kong” game that we were used to.  Although there were changes that made the game a modern one, changes like the touch screen feature that have been added the way you have to control the movements, jump, reverse movements, etc. from a screen, make everything seem overboard and boring.

A lot of old players of the “Mario versus Donkey Kong” game series may find the new “improvements” wild and weird. Apart from that, there are people who think that the advent of the “Mario versus Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis” game would give them something spectacular to hop onto, but to be met with this? The touch screen feature is great! But what are we going to do with certain glitches that play up when playing it?

The “Mario versus Donkey Kong” game is a puzzle. The second game series deals more with levels. Now a lot of games that require you to aim for a higher level don’t really cause your mind to think. The puzzle game make the characters easier to manage.  With the touch screen feature in place, it’s going to be a little difficult to organize the characters in the game.

However, “March of the Minis” is a great game on its own too. And I’m sure Nintendo Lovers will accept it.