What Happened to Stranger Things Season 4 and When Will It Be Released

The previous season is also known as season three saw one lovely Hawkins. Indiana residents spent all of their summer lime they spent other seasons. They also raised beasts from inter-dimensional regions. Everything quite ended in a serious cliffhanger though.


Spoiler Alert

If you have not watched Season 3, why are you reading this article? We know that our lovely foster dad/ police chief Hopper seemed to have died after he sacrificed himself for the greater good after the ending of season three. Harbour has returned to the series. Stranger things have a Twitter account that posted some videos after filming started. This happened in the first week of March before the Corona Virus pandemic set in. The face of Harbour was one of the first to pop up. This sported a brand new shaved head.

Coming back, we have people like Priah Ferguson that’ll act like a precocious younger sister, Brett Gelman, Cara Bueno, Winona Ryder, Joe Keery, Charlie Heaton, and others.

People like Billy wouldn’t be coming back. He once proved his heart was all wonderful after all the things he suffered. He also tried to stop the mind flayer which was taking control of his body all through the third season. Hopper Russian hostage was killed by tragic means. This is in no way going to return most likely. We wouldn’t be mad if Slurpee lover popped in again at any time.


What is all of this about?

Though these appeared that Hopper got incinerated in the finale of season three, where Joyce closed the gateway to the Upside Down part which was hidden in the Russian Bunker under the star court mall. Using his approval, this became one of the only ways that the safety of eleven and the Hawkins town would stay safe. Things couldn’t have gone down all the way it seemed. A mid-credits scene in the finale of the show starred 2 guards inside their Russian prison taking a prisoner from his cell to feed them to a Demogorgon. These were all to make sure he wasn’t America.


My feelings for Stranger Things 

This show honestly speaking stressing my brain. I’m not a fan. Whenever I try to put to watch it, I just really get tired and I would just forget about it. I’ve seen the packs of this show all around town. In places like the market and DVD shops too. I’m not saying it is not an interesting series, I’m just saying it is not for me. Do you get it? Some things are for different people. Me right now I tell you, it is not just for me. That is simply it. It is a colorful series, I don’t even know if there are queer characters in it or characters I would be attracted to sexually. Oh well, who knows. It is all good though. For fans of this show, you know what you are enjoying. Please carry on.