What we thought of the Friends TV Show Reunion

Hello there, I am sure you are excited about the upcoming Friends TV show reunion? Well, this piece would be talking about what we think about the reunion. Are you ready to know our thoughts? Let’s ride.


Our thoughts on the reunion 

Everyone at this point knows that HBO Max has been hiding all of the details and keeping things under wraps. The reason they don’t want to give us the deets is still unknown. I mean, there is no way Joey, Chandler, Rachel, Ross, Monica, or Phoebe can surprise us more than they have during the ten years/seasons of the show. What we know presently is that the reunion wouldn’t be scripted. The stars would not be acting as they did during the reunion. So let’s not expect any brand new scenes or any “It was a break” moment here, okay.


What would happen during the reunion? 

The reunion would be a talk show where the stars would converse with Corden. There, they would talk about the memories they had while they filmed the show. During an interview from The Graham Norton Show, David Schwimmer stated that he was careful not to give away anything that would spoil the reunion for us great Friends fans.

The reunion would be shot over about three days. The reunion would bring in awesome set pieces and props that our fans would be happy and excited to see. The reunion was supposed to have happened in front of a live audience, but the Pandemic came along and spoilt many plans. As sad as that was, there was nothing anyone could have done about it. Life happens, as is always said. The show was filmed in front of an audience, so that was the actual plan. Because of the presence of Covid-19, precautions needed to have taken place, this is why they must have changed the plans, and now it would just simply be a show.


Can Fans Watch a Preview of the Reunion? 

There is a trailer available for the reunion on YouTube. For fans like me, do well to check it out. You would be filled with a lot of nostalgia.


People that have seen the Friends Reunion’s thoughts. 

People like Kristen Baldwin have seen the reunion, and she stated that bringing these 6 Friends and having them converse and talk to each other brought on a lot of emotions. It was nice and awesome. You might not get enough of these stars. The reunion is going to leave you asking for more.


My thoughts on the reunion 

I hope they close up everything. Because at the end of the show Friends, no one knew what happened to Joey. I watched a sequel to Friends about only Joey, and they tried their best. But they didn’t cut it as close as possible. It was great, though. I hope the reunion is going to give us all answers to our unanswered questions. Let’s enjoy it very well, shall we?