Why Study Pop Culture?

Popular culture, mainly referred to as “pop culture,” is a well-known phenomenon in the 21st-century. Even since the 20th-century, it has taken hold and people across the globe are influenced by it. Like it is said, “culture is the sum total of people’s way of life.”

The study of culture is necessary, it helps us know about how things were in the past and could give an insight into the future. No matter the form of culture, there is always something to learn from it, and pop culture is no different so it ought to be taught and studied. The study of pop culture can be said to be the study of where the crowd is heading to and why they are heading there.

Reasons to Study Pop Culture

There are several reasons that the study of pop culture should be a noble undertaking. These reasons are linked.

1.     Exposure to pop culture happens in several different ways. It happens through radio, movies, music, the internet, by watching various celebrity types, and many other ways; it is, therefore, safe to say that pop culture surrounds and its sources surround us constantly. It is important to study something that evidently surrounds us and we encounter day-to-day.

2.     Pop culture is usually a good force, because It can bring different people from all over the world together and help in discovering the things that they value.

3.     Just like the state of nature, things change constantly, no matter the time; trends come and go, usually uprooted by new trends. Studying these ever-changing trends and features of pop culture can be very intriguing. This helps to learn the possible negative effects that pop culture can have on us.

4.     The awareness and understanding of various concepts of pop culture and its tendencies are imperative. The views of different people on pop culture are different so it is important for people to learn how to understand and analyze pop culture, as this will help to prevent some of the negative effects that it can have on the subconscious.

5.     Pop culture can mold and alter the perspectives and thoughts of people on how things are “supposed” or “should” be. Things that are showed by the media can make people feel uncomfortable about themselves; they can stir up feelings that make people want to conform to what pop culture dictates. The effect of this is so much, and it affects so many people which constitutes a significant portion of the population, and this is part of the reasons it is so important to study pop culture and learn about its effects.

6.     Culture is what we do and experience daily, it is not what happens once in a while. Culture includes our motivations, morals, and assumptions, it is therefore very important to study pop culture to better understand these aspects of ourselves and our society.

It is often said that no knowledge is a waste and the study of pop culture will teach us new things, it will challenge us and help us learn about parts of ourselves and our society that can help us grow.