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Why Video Gamers Love Streamlabs

Hello there, today I’ll be talking about the reason Video Gamers enjoy streamlabs. But before I continue, I would love to define stream labs and what multi-streaming is. Stay tuned and enjoy this lovely piece.


What is Streamlabs? 

Streamlabs refers to a platform used for live streaming where multiple platforms could work simultaneously without lagging, stopping, or hooking. Much like how an offline computer works with a lot of operations running at the same time simultaneously.


What is Multistreaming?

If you don’t know what simulcasting or multi-streaming is, this refers to the ability to send your video to a variety of destinations like Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, or Twitch.

It is a great way to experiment using different platforms if you’re a brand new streamer, business, or brand. You get to see where you’ve got content that resonates the best.


What are the reasons Video Gamers Love Streamlabs?  

Video Gamers Love Streamlabs because of the following reasons;

  • With Streamlabs, you can easily expand your video gaming reach 

One of the great advantages of streamlabs is that your reach could get expanded, and you could simultaneously broadcast things to millions of viewers. If this is the first time you’re doing something like this, the best time to start up and increase your audience size is right now.

  • Streamlabs helps video gamers engage with their video gaming community as easily as possible. 

Various platforms come with multistream functionality like that which Melon and Streamlabs OBS has. These make it very simple and easy to converse with all of your viewers at the same time. Both of these platforms manage the conversation from every platform using a single direct window. This allows you to interact and converse and read with everyone simultaneously and makes it simple too. It doesn’t matter if you’re watching it on Facebook, YouTube, or Twitch. You’ll still enjoy the same awesome experience.

  • Using streamlabs, all platforms have their benefits. 

You could enjoy all the advantages of Facebook gaming, YouTube gaming, and Twitch as you make use of streamlabs. Every platform has metrics and analytics which are important for you to analyze. Take a look at your levels of engagement from a variety of platforms. Check out levels of engagement from multiple platforms and check if any platforms have a higher audience. Put your attention there and increase the content pressure on that platform for you to gain more results.

  • Streamlabs help you as a video gamer to save your time. 

Streaming to a variety of platforms simultaneously is a great way for you to save time. YouTube would upload your content that was live-streamed as a video which anyone could check out later. This saves you time. You don’t have to keep downloading and re-uploading your materials every time.


This way, you get to have fun, enjoy playing your games, and get the results you desire simultaneously with the aid of streamlabs.