Will Live Music Ever Return After COVID?

The pandemic has brought out a great new definition to what the world knew as the date music did not survive. This looks a lot like the Don McLean version of The Day The Music Died and sung in American Pie. The lyrics correctly describes the life of practically everyone all through the pandemic. This live music has indeed died while everyone has been remaining distant socially.

Quoting other village people’s lyrics, you can’t stop the music. No one can stop the music. After the pandemic leaves the world, you should have faith that music festivals and converts would resume, and they would come back stronger than ever. People would want to get a proper outlet from all the isolation and stress they’ve gone through during the weeks of the pandemic. Making use of music is one of the best ways to dance, sing and enjoy proper senses of release.

This is a list of the reasons converts would come back even when there’s social distancing:

There would be many benefit concerts that would be available to raise lots of money to relieve people on Corona Virus issues.

More than half of the population would love to see music happening live. Did you know that touring is an industry that’s in a lot of money?. Don’t forget that millennials like music festivals. So the second you tell them that there’s one happening, they would want to attend it with haste. Making use of streams would change the rate at which we all see concerts. People working in the music industry are in great need of jobs. You can also drive to concerts. These are quite popular.

Merch would be famous.


A lot of money would come from these benefit concerts. Do you know why? The entire world would be complete after the shelter from being at home is lifted. This means that we could make use of every penny towards relief efforts. These benefit concerts could be quite a great way to get these funds.

Lady Gaga is one of the first people to get the train rolling on these benefit concerts. She started by using the One World Together at Home. This benefit show featured people like Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Billie Eilish, and Lizzo. These helped in raising about thirty-five million dollars for the WHO. This is also planning to raise a lot more from the concert.


My thoughts on the return of Live Music After Covid 19 pandemic

Well, you see the way the pandemic and took the world by surprise. I feel that’s how after the pandemic and the virus goes away. Things would resume as nothing happened. You must have heard that they are giving Covid Vaccines to lots of people right now, yeah? When those vaccines are mastered, the entire world would feel safe and be happy that that nightmare is finally over.