baby lying on inflatable ring


Choosing baby names is not always easy as it looks. It’s sometimes challenging to choose names for your baby. Every expectant parent would want something unique, a name that stands out from the crowd and is not common at all. This makes a parent end up giving names to their kids that end up looking weird. Even celebrities fall victims to getting it all wrong When it comes to picking names. Here’s our countdown to some of the worse celebrity baby names you can ever think of

Audio science Clayton

Wow. Now this name stands out from the rest but it may not be the most creative name out there. Audio Science Clayton was born May 29, 2003, to Shannon Sossamon and Dallas Clayton. His dad Dallas went as far as reading a dictionary 3-4 times before he came up with this unique name.

Tu Morrow

What could be harder to bear than when a beautiful baby girl has to bear the name Tu morrow. Well, we can be very surprised, this isn’t one of the most creative names a parent could think of. In fact, where do these name ideas come from? Tu morrow is a beautiful baby girl born April 25, 2001, to actor Rob Morrow and his wife Debbon Ayer.

Blue ivy

Well, indeed, celebrities can’t get it all right and figured out. But they could get creative when picking names for their kids. Blue Ivy was born on January 12 2012 and she’s the daughter of Beyonce and Jay z.

Sage moonblood stallone

Was the Moonblood in between really necessary. Sage, we could handle but when paired with the name moonblood, the name packs on the intensity. It’s a name you could definitely hear from the characters in the movie teen wolf, the originals, or even vampire diaries. Sage Moonblood Stallone was born on May 5, 1976, to Sylvester Stallone and Sasha Czack. I guess sly really wanted his kid to stand out.

Zuma nester rock.

This name definitely reminds me of the game Zuma, Zuma revenge, you name it. Zuma is currently 12 years old and is the child of Gwen Steffanie. Well, she really was pretty creative in choosing this name for her baby.

Pilot inspektor

Well, the name comes as no shocker when you have a funnyman precisely Jason lee as a dad. When the name pilot was first heard it turned heads but when he added inspektor to it, the room practically had to come to see who that was. Pilot inspektor was born September 28, 2003, to dad Jason lee and mom beth Riesgraf. The inspiration behind the name pilot we all know but the name inspektor the inspiration behind it still remains a mystery.

North West

Daughter of Kim and Kanye West. Well, Kim really wanted something unique for her baby girl and she got it. North West really takes on two different directions.

While¬† It’s wonderful parents want names for their kids that are unique to them. celebs should tone it down a little. it’s not a marathon on who gives worse names best because overall a child is supposed to love their names not feel embarrassed by it.