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Chelsea Clinton is Pregnant

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Chelsea Clinton got married in July of 2010 and she’s now expecting a baby later this year with husband Marc Mezvinsky. Chelsea and Hillary Clinton announced  the news during the Girls: A No Ceilings Conversation event in NYC.


The pregnant 34-year-old said: “One more thing to say very quickly. Mark and I are very excited that we have our first child arriving later this year. I certainly feel all the better whether it’s a girl or a boy that they’ll grow up in a world with so many strong female leaders… I just hope that I’ll be as good to my child as my mom was to me.”

Hillary chimed in with:  ”I’m expecting a grand child which I’m very excited about. We’re very excited about what’s happening in our family but we’re also very excited about what we’re doing.”

In October of last year Chelsea said that she and her husband made a plan.

“We sat down and said, ‘Here’s what we want to do.’ The first thing on the list was simple: We want, God willing, to start a family,” she said in Glamour’s November 2013 issue. “So we decided we were going to make 2014 the Year of the Baby. And please call my mother and tell her that. She asks us about it every single day.”

We’re glad it wasn’t difficult for her to get pregnant at the time that she wanted to, as scheduled. Huge congrats to the lovely couple!

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Orange is the New Black Season 2 Trailer is Here

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Season 2 of Netflix’s hit show Orange is the New Black returns on June 6th. The hype has been building for months and the official trailer has finally been released, along with other promo videos.

When we last saw Piper (Taylor Schilling) she was beating the crap out of Pennsatucky (Taryn Manning). The trailer sees Piper in solitary, you know, the not so great place. “It’s starting to feel like home in here,” she says touching the bare wall. It looks like there’s more crazy from Crazy Eyes and there’s plenty of new inmates to all of the drama. Laura Prepon is also seen in the footage. Fans of the series weren’t happy when they heard about her barely appearing in season 2 and I’m glad she’s been written into more upcoming episodes. Can’t wait!


Cameron Diaz Voices Support For Multiple Partners: “Why not?”

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Maisie Williams openly declares she will never get married. Christina Hendricks says that she’ll never have children. Now, Cameron Diaz openly promotes the idea of women having multiple romantic partners in a relationship.

cameron diaz laugh

I hesitate to call it ‘Sexual Revolution 2.0.’ But it definitely sounds like the ‘Age of Sexual Sanity.’ I am quite down with this.

On a press tour through Sydney in support of her latest movie, The Other Women, Cameron did her usual funny and sparkly bit that makes her quite enjoyable. When the conversation went into relationships, first with girlfriends and then of the regular relationship variety, that’s where things veered into the controversial/enlightened phase (depending on your opinions over it).

“For some reason, we get into relationships and we expect one man to understand ‘all’ the parts of us and meet all of those needs,” the actress told the Mirror newspaper. “I think that’s where everything fails.”

She later added the kicker that conservative America will unfairly bash her on, “Why not? Why would that be so bad?”

I agree wholeheartedly with Ms. Diaz here. The idea of one partner, whether you’re male or female, who can fill all that can be filled in your heart is a tightrope. One that more likely than not is going to end badly, with the occasional exception here and there. If someone believes two or three partners in a relationship can pull that off for them, more power to them.


Shailene Woodley to Star in Allegiant Movies

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It was only announced a few weeks ago that the final film in the Divergent trilogy, Allegiant, would be split off into two separate movies. So, it was all but inevitable that someone in the press would ask the star Shailene Woodley about the split.


MTV and Entertainment Weekly were the lucky media outlets that leveled that particular question on Ms. Woodley. The celebrity/sometimes music video network hit first this past Sunday at their Movie Awards where she said,

“At one point I heard that it was not going to happen, and now it is happening, so yeah. You never know man. Life changes every day, you just got to really surrender to the process.”

Entertainment Weekly soon followed, getting this from the lady Tris and the (potentially) new Mary Jane Watson: “I am excited, but my very first thought, if I’m being honest was, ‘Okay. All right. Another year devoted to this character.’ But that’s all right, because I am honored to be Tris, and it is exciting.” This all apparently means that she’s somehow bored about the series and her character and is just gunning for the paycheck. I don’t buy it.

The film isn’t even a month old! How can she be excited or annoyed about a project that still isn’t out in certain foreign markets? But when has logic ever gotten in the way of good pointless gossipy drama.


Morgan Freeman ‘Always Wanted to Work With Johnny Depp’

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Actors and actresses, whether on film, TV or the stage, take on projects for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the reasons are easy (money, script, boredom in the case of the last 3 Adam Sandler comedies). And sometimes it’s as easy as your fellow cast members. Enter Morgan Freeman, better known as Lucius Fox or God (either works for me).


He was out on the Today Show on Tuesday morning to promote his latest movie coming out on Friday, the Wally Pfister-directed,Transcendence. When asked by host Savannah Guthrie about what drew him to the movie, Freeman, in his usual calm and perfectly gentleman-like manner, mentioned the film’s star Johnny Depp. “Always wanted to have a shot at working with him.” He said about the fellow legendary actor.

I’d probably be in the same boat if I were him. Especially if it meant also working with Tim Burton, who I greatly adore (Alice in Wonderland being an unfortunate, messy exception). As for the movie itself, another of his answers in the interview hints at potential greatness.

“The question is, OK, so we can (do these things), but how far should it go before we realize we’re no longer in control of it? It’s not an easy thing to do, because in order to stop it you’ve got to shut the world down. Think about that.”

I might be jumping the gun. But man, would it make for an awesome movie if I’m right somehow. We’ll see Friday.

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And The MTV Movie Award Goes To… Rita Ora For Ripping Zac Efron’s Shirt Off

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Skip the red carpet, skip the intro, hell skip the whole MTV Movie Awards and just watch what Rita Ora did halfway through Zac Efron’s acceptance speech for “Best Shirtless Performance” in That Awkward Moment.


In fact, the only Awkward Moment (see what I did there?) was when she tried to put the shirt back on… Thankfully, Zac had other ideas. Really, really sexy ideas. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Rita Ora! If MTV molded a golden popcorn for borderline sexual harassment, it would be yours.

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Leonardo Dicaprio Can’t Dance…And It’s Beautiful.

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The only thing better than a Leonardo Dicaprio sighting is, well, a naked Leonardo Dicaprio sighting. Second to that though is definitely this 13-second video of him swaying like a mental patient to MGMT at this year’s Coachella festival.

Yeah, okay, so it’s not pretty. In fact it’s all kinds of awkward. But I’d like to see you dance like middle-age man after hip surgery, dress like you’re in the midst of a code-red epidemic and still have people go this crazy at the sight of you…

Can’t be done. Only man who pulls it off is actually…a wolf.

Get ittttt, Leo.


RHONJ Producers Angry at Teresa Guidice For Not “Bringing It”

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Here’s a little nugget from the weekend that you guys may have missed as you tried to catch up on Hannibal or to fathom the mystery behind Beyonce’s Photoshopped thigh gap.

Teresa Giudice image

Apparently, there is a way to anger reality show producers: don’t be angry while the cameras are rolling. That is apparently the case of oft-mentioned Real Housewife of New Jersey “star” Teresa Guidice. According to Radar Online, producers for the reality hit are miffed that she “didn’t bring it” this season after her legal woes in regards to taxes.

“The producers are mad at Teresa,” a source close to the show (I’m thinking bored production assistant) told the website. “She basically checked out this season. She’s so afraid about going to jail that she refused to get in fights with anyone on camera!”

Is it possible that she “checked out” this season because she’s bored of being on the show? I know I’m not speaking with any great authority since I’ve never watched a second of RHONJ, but she’s been on the show since the beginning. It seems logical she’d get bored of screaming and picking fights with generally unlikable people. If I were her, I’d probably play it safe too and just coast for the paycheck. Maybe this is a sign to lay the show to rest like Law & Order last year, or let her leave the show. Win-win either way.

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Heidi Klum’s Redface Photoshoot Offends Fans

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Fashion sometimes can go hand-in-hand with really stupid ideas, like the Vogue Italia shoot a while back that was dedicated to saying ‘No’ to domestic violence while highlighting classic movie death scenes.

antm shoot

There’s also the perennially stupid idea of white models dressing up as people of color. Enter legendary supermodel Heidi Klum and something where she really should’ve known better.

On her Facebook page as a means to promote her show, Germany’s Next Top Model, Klum posted photos of some of the competing models in facepaint next to teepees dressed in Native American clothing like war bonnets (aka ‘Redface’). As one would expect, the comments that followed were swift and numerous and well-deserved. Here’s my personal favorite of the bunch:

“My culture is not your fuc*ing fashion trend!”

As for the photos themselves, well…there’s really no debate when you look at them. They are absolutely examples of Redfacing. It’s appropriating what is unique about someone else’s culture for your own gain. The fact they’re in black and white doesn’t make their existence any more palatable.

If anything, it makes it worse by establishing the belief that the creative team behind it thought it would make them less offensive. “No red…no way it could be called Redface.” Ms. Klum, you’re a smarter woman than all of this nonsense. It’s long past time to apologize for these offensive photographs and take them off your page.


Aaron Taylor-Joh​nson Shows Personalit​y, Puppies in Men’s Health

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Most people who have read Godzilla (and soon to be Avengers: Age of Ultron) star Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s interview in Men’s Health magazine and focus a lot of rage and vitriol on his quote about difficult marriages.

aaron taylor aaron taylor dog

“If you think it’s hard, you must be in a s*it marriage”, which is understandable. There’s a degree of righteous oversimplification that would probably be offensive to many in that situation, though I think there is some truth that could be had in that quote.

What struck me though as I read the excerpts, outside of the fact he’s married to a woman twice his age with two kids (a fact I did not know previously), was how much of a balanced head he has. Especially for someone who’s been in the business since he was a toddler and had a wild nightlife that’d probably put most frat boys to shame.

He also sort of explained subtly, I think, what drew him to his older wife Sam Taylor-Johnson in a way that a lot of current and former child stars can (or still can, in Lindsay Lohan’s case) take to heart:

“Everything in my life before them was an escape. I went from one job to the next, film after film, just trying to escape. I grew up working in this industry. I did my first commercial at six. And from about the age of 10, I was doing films. I was a kid, but I was working around adults.”

There’s a lot of fun tidbits hidden in the interview about his character in Godzilla as well as Quicksilver, which I will leave for my fellow nerds to dive into. I can’t wait to see what this really talented dude will pull off next. I disagree with him on script vs. filmmaker though. The quality of script is just as important as the quality of a filmmaker in my view. But that’s just me and my skinny (by comparison) biceps.

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