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Katherine Waterston is a British actress who was born on March 3, 1980. She’s had a luscious film career, appearing in Michael Clayton, The Babysitters, Being Flynn, Night Moves and Inherent Vice.

 Katherine Waterston

Katherine’s mom is a model and her dad is Sam Waterston, an Oscar nominated actor. Her brother is a director, Graham Waterson, and her sister, Elisabeth Waterson, is an actress as well. Even her half brother, James Waterson, is an actor! SMH. None of these kids wanted to do something different? There’s virtually no way all of them are genuinely talented.

KW doesn’t have a mirror above her bathroom sink, which makes for better mornings, she says. That’s insane.  She also doesn’t watch movie trailers and does not like critiquing films with the media because she doesn’t want to impart her opinion onto others.

Moving on, the rising star takes acting pretty seriously. She’s earned a BFA in Acting from NYU! She began acting in plays in 2007 and continued to grace stages for years.

Waterson is on her way to becoming a household name, and fast. She will play Steve Jobs’ first wife in the upcoming biopic, “Steve Jobs.” Sidenote: How insane is it that another movie is being made about Steve Jobs, but this Steve film will actually probably be pretty amazing. How embarrassing for Ashton Kutcher!

Critics are enamored with Katherine’s performance in the upcoming film, Inherent Vice. According to The Huffington Post, “Her grace, focus, and composure on screen are something many major film critics have pointed out. But what we also saw live & in person was someone that was clearly genuine, humble, and incredibly committed to her craft.”


Max Joseph’s Grey Hair, 3 Reasons Why He Should Keep It

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Max Joseph’s grey hair just keeps getting whiter with each season of Catfish. His hair will be looking as white as Andy Cooper’s within a few years.

max joseph dark hair photo

I think it’s pretty genius decision that Priscilla Joseph‘s husband doesn’t go dark for the following reasons:

Max Joseph grey hair sexiness

He’s building a brand.

Good hair is a great marketing tool, just ask Harry Styles. How many other young reality stars and directors in their 30s do you see walking around with a full head of grey? None! With mostly white hair paired with youthful facial features (just look at those plump lips!), Max stands out. You know his balding peers hate him for not doing what they wish they had the opportunity to do, but Max clearly made up his mind about his hue forever ago.

It’s low maintenance.

I haven’t dyed my hair once in my life, extensions are great for variety, but there are folks like Gwen Stefani whom will never let you see their dark roots. And then there’s everyone who ignores their roots and doesn’t dye their hair often enough. This reality star is saving so much money and time out of the salon by leaving things alone. There isn’t much upkeep when you just let it go, let it go…! Many people start the dye jobs as soon as they see something a little lighter springing from their roots. It’s sexy that Max doesn’t give a fuhk.

It brings out his eyes.

Don’t ask me what color Max’s eyes are, they aren’t located near the region of his body I stare at when he’s on camera. But the grey hair brings out his light-colored eyes. The downside of having grey hair at Max’s age? We can only imagine the endless list of folks who ask when he started going grey before demanding to know what color his pubes are.


Aaron Taylor Johnson: Net Worth, Bio, Photos

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Aaron Taylor Johnson‘s net worth is $16 million. Aaron was born Aaron Perry Johnson on June 13, 1990 is the strapping young star of the gut-busting Kick-Ass series. He is a High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire native and English boy through and through.

Aaron Taylor Johnson

Wondering about the name change? We were too! Turns out, he changed his name to Taylor-Johnson after marrying director Sam Taylor-Wood, who is 23 years his senior. Okay so he’s off the market and into older women… Most of us are no longer eligible in his eyes.

The couple have four daughters, two from Sam’s previous marriage and two from their current marriage, Wylda Rae born in 2010 and Romy Hero born in 2012. Can we expect the duo to try for a boy? Only time will tell my friends.

Johnson’s father was employed as a civil engineer while his mother tended to matters around the house and raised little Aaron. Attending the Jackie Palmer Stage School in High Wycombe between 1996 and 2008, Johnshon studied a variety of entertaining arts and it became clear he was destined for a future in one of the most competitive industries in the world.

Originally starting out in small-time theatre acting at the age of six, Aaron worked his way up to television and in 2001, starred in Armadillo as Young Lorimer Black. He has appeared in a few other series like The Bill, Talk to Me, Feather Boy and Nearly Famous. Movies proved to be Aaron’s cup of tea as he starred in such blockbusters as Nowhere Boy, Kick-Ass, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Godzilla.

As Johnsons’ portfolio thickens fans get increasingly excited to see him in newer releases. Catch Aaron in Fifty Shades of Grey, Avengers: Age of Ultron and Kick-Ass 3 all releasing within the next couple of years.


Lily Rabe Biography

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American actress Lily Rabe was born June 29, 1982 in New York City, New York. As seems to be the trend with families who have felt the glow of a spotlight, Rabe followed closely in her parents footsteps and joined the world of acting.

Lily Rabe 2015

Originally a ballet dancer and instructor, Lily didn’t expect to love anything else as much as she did dancing, until an acting opportunity popped up rather unexpectedly.

Lily is the daughter of playwright and Vietnam war veteran, David Rabe, and of actress Jill Clayburgh who passed in 2010, staying active in the industry until she could go on no more. She is a middle child to younger brother Michael Rabe and older half-brother Jason Rabe, a musician. Raised in Bedford, Rabe and her family soon packed up and migrated to Lakeville, Connecticut, where Lily attended the Hotchkiss School.

With no prior plans to become an actress or even a professional dancer it would seem, Rabe was passing all of her free time instructing at a summer arts program in Connecticut. It would be in this very same program that she realized her love for acting. After being asked to perform a monologue in the final production, Lily accepted and performed with an unprecedented passion. It was in this moment that she knew what she wanted to pursue full-time. Rabe began her full-time acting career as Tess in the 2001 film, Never Again.

From Never Again on, Lily could not get enough and made appearances in many more films like, Mona Lisa Smile, A Crime, and, No Reservations. In 2005, she gained her first experience in television with an appearance on Law and Order: Criminal Intent as Siena Boatman and went on to make a few more appearances in the Law and Order series as well as a few others. Theatre held its own special place with Rabe, as it was of course where she initially caught the acting bug. Lily appeared in such productions as Much Ado About Nothing, As You Like It, and The Merchant of Venice where she was nominated for both a Tony and a Drama Desk for Best actress in a play.

In recent years, Lily Rabe has captivated and infuriated American Horror Story fans with her appearances as the motherly Nora Montgomery, Sister Mary Eunice and then again as Misty Day. Ring in 2015 with Rabe as she appears in the upcoming television series, The Whispers and film, The Veil.


Courtney Eaton Bio, Photos

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Courtney Eaton is a hot model turned actress who is 5’10 with a 24-inch waist! Courtney Easton was born on January 6, 1996 in Bunbury, Australia.

Courtney Eaton 2015

She’ll be starring in Mad Max: Fury Road and then she’ll share screen time with Gerard Butler in Gods of Egypt. If you think Court will be going away any time soon, that’s doubtful. She’s signed to the same management as Jennifer Lawrence!

She was into art, music and sports when she was in high school. Surprisingly, Eaton pretends that she actually eats meals and claims that the catering service was her favorite memory while shooting her upcoming films. She’s aware of how fortunate she is to score huge roles, saying: “I’ve been extremely lucky and am blessed to have been given these amazing opportunities.”

Eaton attended Catholic school as a child and admits that her celebrity crush is Angelina Jolie. Like Angie, Courtney is also taken. She has a boyfriend.

Court will play the fifth wife in Mad Max and she’s the lead role of a slave girl in Gods of Egypt. She’s got to be talented to score such big gigs, right? We’ll all find out soon.


Max Irons Bio, Photos

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Max Irons, born October 17, 1985, is anything but your average English bloke. Dubbed Maximilian Paul Diarmuid Irons at birth, (a mouthful of pure sensuality), Max was headed to stardom from an early age!

Max Irons 2015

His name was just a coincidental bonus. Both his mother, Sinéad Cusack, and father, Jeremy Irons, enjoyed lengthy and fruitful acting careers and seemingly passed this love for entertaining on to young Max.

Irons began his official career in 2004 making a few minor film appearances in such films as Being Julia and Unrequited Love. He starred as “Curtain Call Boy” in Being Julia, very exciting, and as the slightly more central Tom in Unrequited Love. His “big break” came in 2011 when he snagged the role of Henry the son of a blacksmith in Red Riding Hood alongside A-listers Amanda Seyfried and Gary Oldman.

Iron’s success was not immediate however. Originally attending the Dragon School of Oxford, Max moved on to the Bryanston School in Dorset rather quickly. Being the troublemaker that his jawline so clearly indicates, Irons was expelled from Bryanston after being caught “mingling” inappropriately with a peer. Wishing you went to Bryanston yet? Max relates in his own words what his rise to fame started with,

“I suppose I was about 15 when I started getting roles, and we have this thing at my school that’s a festival, and I did a play and I just thought, This is as much fun as you can legally have. And then I applied to drama school, which is quite a competitive business in England, and I managed to get it, and it boosted my confidence a little bit. It was a gradual thing, there was no epiphany moment.”

Max was quick to bounce back from the expulsion and chased his acting dreams to the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Here he honed his acting skills and graduated in 2008, a well-rounded entertainer. Although his Father had originally discouraged Irons pursuit of such a career, it soon became evident that the acting life was the life for Max. Look for Max in The Woman in Gold as “Fritz” Altmann sometime this year!

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