Idris Elba Biography

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British actor Idris Elba, best known for his roles on HBO’s “The Wire” and the BBC One television series Luther, starring alongside Beyonce in Obsessed and playing Nelson Mandela in Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom.

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Idrissa Akuna Alba is also a well known DJ who goes by DJ Big Driis or Big Driis the Londoner. After helping his under with a wedding DJ business in 1986, a year later an ambitious Elba launched his own DJ company with some of his mates.

In 1988 Elba won a spot in the National Youth Music Theatre but had to take on various jobs like telemarketing to make ends meet in between acting gigs. He became Big Driis when he was 19 years old and began work as a DJ. He continued to audition for television roles in his early 20s.

It wasn’t until 1995 that Idris scored a role on Bramwell, a medical drama set in 1890s England. He played the lead on the series’ first season. His character was Charlie Carter, an African petty theif who stole money to support his newbord daughter. He then took on a supporting role in the “Sex” episode of Absolutely Fabulous – he played a gigolo.

Transitioning from the small screen to the silver screen, the Emmy award winning Brit has been scoring major film roles for years now. By acting in films like American Gangster, Prometheus, and Thor. Casting directors clearly don’t seem to have many reservations about hiring the 6’3 star. Apparently, casting Elba pays off. He has been nominated for three Golden Globes for Best Actor along with four primetime Emmy nominations. In 2012, Elba won a Best Actor Golden Globe award for his work on Luther.

For whatever reason, no one mentions Elba’s contributions outside of entertainment. Elba supports The Prince’s Trust, a youth charity that is dedicated to helping change as the motivating force of developing his career. In 2009, The Prince’s Trust named Elba as its Anti­-crime ambassador. In 2011, Elba made a slight appearance on Pharoache Monch’s album W.A.R. A year later Idris could be seen playing a blind man in Mumford and Son’s “Lover of the Light” music video, which Elba also co-directed. Is there anything this man can not do? This is why we chose him as one of our Because He’s Hot guys.


The Giver: Odeya Rush and Brenton Thwaites Movie Stills

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The Giver movie is expected to break box office records and make Odeya Rush and Australia’s Brenton Thwaites household name. It happened to Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Jennifer Lawrence and so many others. It can happen to Odeya and Brenton as well.

Brenton Thwaites and Odeya Rush scene

The Giver book has been a worldwide phenomenon for what feels like forever. It’s been popular for so long, it’s kind of shocking that the movie is just being released now. Although books are always better than film adaptations, I wish Hollywood would make movies based off of books much more often than making ridiculous sequels that feel forced and pointless.

Taylor Swift was rumored to be dating Brenton because she also stars in the movie alongside Odeya and Brenton. Taylor hasn’t touched a penis, that we know of, since her brief relationship with Harry Styles went up in flames. I’d love for her to switch teams. Anyway, it’s likely that Swifty and Brenton hooked up, but clearly there was nothing substantially that took place romantically between the co-stars.

Brenton is 24 years old and Odeya is only 17, which should squash all the possible questions from reporters who will ask if they took their relationship off screen. They both are good looking enough to have no problems attracting members of the opposite or the same sex.

Odeya plays Fiona, obvi, and Brenton plays Jonas. Meryl Streep will also rock the silver screen in this flick, along with Jeff Bridges, Alexander Skarsgard and Katie Holmes? I guess she’s making a comeback when these two young up and comers are getting their big break. Will this movie deliver? Fans of the popular book will want to check it out in droves regardless of what critics or their friends say about the flick. I don’t know about you, but I need to read the book again before I check it out. I should know what’s going on in these scenes but I have no clue.

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Jack Falahee is Hot, Posts Girlfriend Pic?

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Jack Falahee plays Connor Walsh on ABC’s new legal drama series, How to Get Away with Murder. Falahee was born on February 20, 1989 in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

 Jack Falahee girlfriend

Jack’s caption is “Don’t care.”

Falahee’s role on the show is likely to officially put him on the map. Before landing his coveted role on Shonda Rhimes’ highly anticipated new show, Jack guest-starred on The Carrie Diaries and Ironside. No, that wasn’t a typo. Jack was only a guest star. Ironically Jack and Katie Findlay both acted on The Carrie Diaries. Falahee also acted in Lifetime’s Escape from Polygamy movie, never heard of it, and he had a part in the action-thriller Tokarev.

Jack is so new to the game that his Wiki is only 2 years old. He had a recurring role on ABC Family’s Twisted and now he’s moved his way up to network TV. Jack has already been hard at work promoting his new show, along with his co-star, in Toronto. Just last week he attended the Television Critics’ Association’s annual summer event.

Jack may have a girlfriend but we don’t know who she is yet, or if she exists.

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5 Celebrity Babies We Can’t Wait to Meet: Chelsea Clinton, Mila Kunis, Johansson…

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Female celebrities don’t have babies without being in a committed relationship with their baby daddy, unless they’re January Jones, whom we don’t know who da baby daddy is. We know who the future fathers are for the A-listers below and we are excited that these stars will be giving birth any week or month now! We’ve ranked the celebrity babies we are most excited to meet below!


Chelsea Clinton’s Baby

Chelsea Clinton is the ideal daughter of a public figure. Not only has she made sure that she isn’t tabloid fodder, there haven’t been any negative diva stories of her, drunken antics in public, or jumping from penis to penis like Lindsay Lohan (or January Jones), allegedly. .Chelsea is a “good girl” by definition and she’s responsible. Bill and Hilary’s only child said that she wants to have a baby in 2014, and that’s exactly what she did! She excels at everything, right? She seems like a sweetheart. She will make a great mother and her child will be more privileged than Donald Trump’s grandkids. We can’t wait to meet Chelsea’s first baby. We’re expecting her to have at least two. She better not let us down.

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher’s Baby

This child is working with some great genes and when two beautiful people make a baby, the baby is often not so great looking. Life is cruel. Mila is having a daughter, though, and I doubt her child will be anything less than gorgeous. Mila is Jewish and Ashton was studying Kabalah for years before he began dating Kunis. Mila also speaks fluent Russian and Ashton’s been learning Russian for his baby’s sake. This will be one lucky, deeply loved child. Kunis recently said she looks forward to being a full-time mom. There’s going to be a huge bounty on this baby’s head from the paparazzi, but because this couple is fiercely private, expect to rarely see pictures of their child for a while.

Scarlett Johansson’s Baby

Scarlett Johansson’s baby is working with some good genes too. She’s gorgeous and her fiance is handsome so this baby is expected to be absolutely adorable. No pressure! Because ScarJo is so down to earth, we expect to see photos of her walking her baby in the stroller and playing with him or her at the park. I don’t think she’s going to be over the top about keeping her baby indoors at all times.

Christina Aguilera’s Baby

Christina Aguilera’s son looks just like her and it will be interesting to see who her daughter looks like. Xtina is a huge diva, so expect her little girl to be wearing clothes that cost more than your car and rocking the most expensive jewelry while wearing the most glamorous hairdos. Christina didn’t hide her son from the public. We’re expecting Instagram pics as soon as she pops this one out.

Kelly Rowland’s Baby

Kelly Rowland was pregnant before getting married to her manager turned husband and she is fiercely private. Although Kelly isn’t an attention whore, she’s clearly excited about being pregnant. We doubt she’ll be as ashamed as Beyonce is when it comes to showing her baby’s face (just saying). We expect to see pictures of Kelly’s son or daughter, like pictures that show the kid’s face. We’re ready for Kelly’s mini-me!

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Alan Ferguson: Biography, Solange Knowles’ Boyfriend

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Alan Ferguson is Solange Knowles’ boyfriend. Alan Ferguson and Solange Knowles age gap is big. Alan is 51 years old. He will be 52 next month and was born on August 5, 1963 in Richmond, Virginia. Solange Knowles just turned 28 years old last month.

Solange Knowles Boyfriend

Alan is a music video director who has worked with some of the biggest stars in pop music, such as Beyonce, Katy Perry, Natasha Bedingfeld, Fall Out Boy, Nelly Furtado and more.

Solange has never walked a red carpet with her baldheaded man friend. That doesn’t mean that Beyonce’s skinny sister isn’t in a serious relationship with a man old enough to almost be her grandfather. Knowles and Alan live together, along with her 8 year-old son, Daniel Julez Smith. Solange has already been married before. She tied the knot with her baby daddy in a shotgun wedding in 2004. That marriage didn’t last long, of course. Solange was pregnant at 17 years old and her marriage lasted all of three years.

Solange began dating Alan shortly after her divorce. They have been a couple for more than five years. When it comes to men, Knowles doesn’t have a shy side. Hasn’t she read “He’s Just Not That Into You.”

Knowles said: ” In the beginning I was the one who approached him so I have always sort of historically been one of those girls that goes after something that I’m into,” “I’m not very, like, I’m gonna wait on you. I have a lot of guy-like quintessential relationship qualities that I have had to work on.”

She sure does have guy-like qualities. Security cameras proved that.

Ferguson has been a successful director since the late 80′s, when Solange was barely out of diapers. Ferguson only works on around two music videos a year. Is he living off of his girlfriend? Two videos each year doesn’t sound like very much to us. Last month there were rumors that Solange and Ferguson are engaged. She got knocked up and married young and then she’s been with this grandpa-boyfriend for more than 5 years. It’s like Solange is trying to waste her youthful years.

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Christina Cole Bio

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Christina Cole was born on May 8, 1982 in London. While Christina Cole is adorable and looks younger than she is, she’s actually the eldest child in her family. Cole has a younger sister, Cassandra, and a younger brother, Dominic.

 Christina Cole

Although Xtina’s mom is a telecentre manager and her father is a driving instructor, Christina graduated from the prestigious Oxford School of Drama in 2002. Maybe 12 years ago was when the government in the UK was still paying for its residents’ higher education? One year later, in 2003, Cole acted alongside Colin Firth and the then-stable, Amanda Bynes, on What A Girl Wants. Christina actually graduated from college early to begin filming the movie.

After What a Girl Wants, the British blonde was cast as Juliet in a production of Romeo and Juliet at Theatr Clwyd. She would make a beautiful Juliet, right?

Cole’s first lead role was that of Cassie Hughes in Hex. She portrayed Cassie for the whole of the first season and the first three episodes of the second. Upon her departure the character was killed off, according to her Wiki. Welp, Christina’s character may have been killed off but her acting career was thriving. After leaving Hex, Cole appeared on the BBC’s Jane Eyre TV Serial and guest starred on Doctor Who. She had a cameo appearance in Casino Royale and went on to film a few other small projects. 

She filmed a pilot for Fox in 2009 in which she played a surgeon with schizophrenia. Three years later Cole starred in Cheyenne Jackson’s “Before You” music video.

The 5’5 cutie was a model for Andrea Galer’s bridal collection, which is based in London. That’s incredible, especially because Christina isn’t tall. Her next project, Jupiter Ascending, is expected to be released next year. For now you can catch Xtina on “The Assets.”

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