Would You Have Watched The Paula Abdul Show?

I’d have to watch it everyday definitely pass on that.

According to the lawsuit filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Pilgrim Films and Television (PFTV) met with Abdul and David Russo (her producing partner) in 2004 and discussed a talk show featuring Abdul.

According to the suit, after some false starts, the concept

evolved into a reality show titled “Hey Paula,” based on Abdul’s wacky life.

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The lawsuit alleges that the project fell apart after Abdul demanded final editorial control over the final product.

PFTV claims Abdul allegedly came clean and told the peeps at PFTV that “she had secretly taken PFTV’s ‘Hey Paula’ project … to Bravo.”

The suit asks for an injunction prohibiting anyone from airing “Hey Paula.”

Paula told TMZ, “While I’m not going to respond to this baseless lawsuit, I will say that “Hey Paula” is based upon my life and my ideas. Last I heard, I still own my own life.”


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