Howard K Stern: Anna Nicole Smith Paid My Bills, Bills, Bills

Howard K. Stern was entirely financially dependent upon Anna Nicole Smith, he revealed Wednesday during the ongoing hearing to decide who will get custody of her remains.

Stern, 38, who had been Smith’s lawyer and companion, told Florida Circuit Judge Larry Seidlin that he’d had no income outside of his association with Smith since 2002, when he split with a former law partner to work with Smith exclusively.

I didn’t know he was a Federline!

Under grilling from lawyers and Judge Seidlin, Stern admitted that Smith paid the $950 rent on his apartment, and that she gave him cash to buy personal items such as shoes.

I’m assuming she paid for his drawls too.

Stern also said he earned around $25,000 for appearing on E!’s 2002-2004 reality series The Anna Nicole Show, but he denied accepting any money from the media since Smith’s passing on Feb. 8.

He did allow Entertainment Tonight to fly him to the Bahamas and tape his reunion with Smith’s 5-month-old daughter Dannielynn, but he insisted he didn’t accept any payment.

So who is paying for his team of lawyers now? Stern said that his retired parents had wired him money to pay for his legal team; asked how much they sent him, he said: “A substantial amount.”

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