Men Should Be Called Divas More Often

P.Diddy takes the term “diva” to a whole other level. Don’t ask him nuthin’ or he’ll call you outta yo name.

P. Diddy pops his collar

Sean “Diddy” Combs doesn’t like to be questioned, even when it’s as harmless as, “How many people in your party?”

A witness outside downtown hot spot GoldBar the other night said, “He walked right up to the door girl with four other people in his crew. When she asked him how many people he was with, Diddy just called her a ‘fucking bitch’ and opened the velvet rope and let himself through.”

This story really brought a smile to my face. Do you know how fast security would grab us around the neck and toss us common folk outside if we answered, “fucking bitch!” when asked how many people we rollin’ wit?

I have to hand it to Diddy, I know I would do these type of things too. I’m on the Z-list, but one of my favorite lines is ‘Do you know who I am?!’ just to see what kind of looks I get. Imagine if there was actually a legitimate answer to that question? I would be worse.

Diddy inspires me. I hope you, too, have found inspiration to become successful. Once you’re successful, if you’re not gonna act like a jerk and get away with it, then what’s the point?


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