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Guess Who’s Broke Ass Now?

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She by Sheree

The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Sheree “some seven odd figures” Whitfield is losing her house while awaiting her divorce settlement. Happy New Year, bitch!

Just how broke ass is this conceited diva ho? So broke that she is being kicked out of her mansion because she can’t afford mortgage payments. Quick! Someone help her with that She by Sheree clothing line.

And karma really ain’t pretty, rumors have been swirling that Sheree’s been bouncing checks all over Atlanta, including a $386 dollar check for a cake. So embarrassing, but this just makes me even more excited for season 2.

Info on the crib Sheree’s about to lose:

SELLER: Bob and Sheree Whitfield
LOCATION: 5525 Long Island Drive, Atlanta, GA
PRICE: $2,850,000 (off market)
SIZE: 8,903 square feet, 6 bedrooms, 8 full and 2 half bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Benecki built resale home on large private gated lot. Quality throughout, nanny suite with separate entrance located over garages.


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Mariah Carey Isn’t Preggers

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Mariah Carey is still not pregnant.

The singer was spotted sipping red wine and eating oysters — no-nos when expecting — in St. Barts on Tuesday. Carey also showed off her bikini bod as she toasted wine with her husband Nick Cannon at hot spot Nikki Beach.

Mariah Carey butt shot

But kids could still be in the couple’s future.

“I couldn’t imagine anybody that I’ve ever met being a better dad [than Cannon],” she said earlier this year.

Awwww! I want Mariah to get knocked up soon with a daughter because that baby will be one hell of a diva with diamond encrusted diapers. I also want her to get knocked up because she’s the new J.Lo, we’ll be hearing about how much she wants kids every month until it happens. Help!


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Britney Spears’ Pussy Is In a Love Lockdown, She Doesn’t Have a New Boyfriend in India

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Sigh. Some rumors are so fun, I run with ‘em, trusting and hoping that there’s a sliver of truth in them. Turns out the Britney Spears dating a Bollywood choreographer story was just bullshit sprinkles.

E! did some great fact checking.

Britney Spears X Factor salary

“Britney is not in India,” says one Britney source, while another dubs the report a “total fabrication.”

Among the erroneous info being shoveled, the U.K. tabloid noted that the Circus singer’s supposed new boyfriend, Sandip Soparrkar, choreographed her “Womanizer” video. In fact, the video was choreographed by her longtime choreographer Andre Fuentes.

Sources tell E! News that Britney, who on Dec. 23 wished fans a “Happy Holidays” on by sending out a holiday card with her two boys, spent Christmas at home in Los Angeles.

Britney reportedly left L.A. via private jet on Sunday afternoon and headed to Kentwood, La., where, a Britney fansite reports, Sean and Jayden are with mom.

Though we haven’t been able to confirm it yet, Britney is expected to stay in Louisiana for the reported Dec. 31 New Orleans wedding of her brother, Bryan, and his fiancée, Graciella Sanchez, Jamie Lynn‘s manager.

pic source

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Nobody Wants to Watch 50 Cent’s Ugly Face On Their TV Screens

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50 Cent continues to fail. Yum! The power has gone out on 50 Cent’s reality show “50 Cent: The Money and the Power.” MTV has canceled the show because of its disappointing ratings and the series will be permanently shelved. Donald Trump had predicted 50′s flop,

The multi-millionaire said that “The Money And The Power” will fail, because it was a rip off of his TV series “The Apprentice.”

50 Cent picture

Fiddy’s new album Before I Self Destruct was also supposed to be released this month but has been pushed back until next year.

That’s what 50 gets. He should have retired like he promised to after Kanye West outsold him last year. The less I see of 50 Cent on TV, the less I have to squint my eyes. I love an upbeat, feel good celeb gossip story. :)

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Australian Journalists Hate Paris Hilton

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They’re reporting that she dropped over $5,000 on 31 dresses and even give a minute-by-minute breakdown: “Paris Hilton spends $140 a minute in Chapel Street, Melbourne, shopping spree” is one headline.

One of their charity chiefs is disgusted. “In World Vision terms, $5000 would ensure that a village of 2000 people in Africa or Asia would have clean water for the rest of their lives,” says World Vision of Australia head Tim Costello.

Paris Hilton Will Clean Your Pool

The paper also believes that Paris Hilton’s shopping spree is a “stunt designed to promote herself.”

Why did these reporters focus on one of Paris Hilton’s shopping trips without mentioning her monster feet, beak nose, diseases, sex tape, attempt at a singing career, faux baby voice, boyfriend choices, flat ass, hipless boy body and wonk eye? Sounds like they need to be schooled on being objective journalists. FAIL!



Quote Me of The Day: Tom Cruise

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“I want 10 children. I love kids.”

So said the man who will be pushing 0 of those 10 kids through his vag lips. I’m sure Stepford Katie will be forced to have at least two more, but I’m not sure Tom will meet his quota. Remember he has two other adopted children with Nicole Kidman whom he never talks about because they aren’t as “beautiful” as Suri is.

Suri and her parents


Katy Perry Bikini Pics

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These new Katy Perry bikini pics show the young singer flaunting what her mother gave her. Impressive? If Katy Perry wasn’t in a green bikini, I’d be stunned. She loves her some color. Hope she got a little tan during her Mexico vacay with her bf (in the black t-shirt).

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Robert Pattinson Stands Up For Heath Ledger

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I like a man who isn’t afraid to stand up for what he believes in. Patsy was at a No on H8 show. Score. And he defended Heath Ledger. Score again. This is like reason #547 why me and Patsy were made for each other.

According to a witness at the No on H8 show at The ­Improv in Hollywood on Dec. 16, Twilight star Robert Pattinson, 22, booed a comic who said, “Here’s my impression of Heath Ledger,” then collapsed and began faking convulsions.

Edward Bella Jacob

“Robert and his friend went nuts yelling at him,” the source tells Us Weekly. “[Pattinson screamed] f–k you! You suck!”

But the actor — who recently cut his famous hair — went unrecognized by the performing comic. “The comic didn’t know who it was, but I’m sure he found out later!”

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