You Must Be a Headcase If You Wanna Stalk Adrianne Curry

Not only does Adrianne Curry sound all congested when she talks, she writes senseless MySpace rants and she’s pretty talentless. Dunno why she competed on America’s Next Top Model if she just wanted to shove her hands down Tom Brady’s boxers for fame. I wonder what she found in there? Wrinkled nuts, dust and Vaseline. He wasn’t exactly famous when they started making sex. Vaseline’s much cheaper to lube up with

TMZ reports that some crazy ho named Shira Gellis had her dog poop on Adrianne’s lawn then asked the D-lister for a baggie to clean it up. Oh, no. Personal contact!

After Shira had her dog mark its territory, things got stickier.

Gellis allegedly began harassing conversations with Curry on MySpace, and Adrianne claims Gellis eventually “dedicated her entire MySpace page to me.”

In one MySpace rant, Gellis described Curry as someone who was “toxic to the soul … still so beautiful, her heart was as ugly as the death of a child …”

Curry says on one occasion, Gellis sent a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes to her home. In her declaration, Curry says “Only a stalker would know that my favorite colors are gold and garnet. Only a stalker would remember my shoe size. I almost threw up.”

If they were really cute shoes, I wouldn’t even file a restraining order. Adrianne is like way ungrateful – how’d you like that Cali talk? Heh. Bored. Slow news day… and if Adrianne is so worried, she should have returned the shoes. I wonder if she’s wearing them right now? She probably rocked ’em on her way to court. Why not?

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