Suge Knight Punished For Beating His Girlfriend

In today’s domestic abuse files, Suge Knight is getting served for his August brawl with his boo.

Knight, 43, faces two felony charges of possession of a controlled substance and one count of misdeameanor battery after the Aug. 27 attack in Sin City. Knight, the founder of Death Row records, began fighting with his girlfriend of three years, Melissa Isaac, as they drove away from a strip club, cops say.

Rodney King Mugshot

Suge punched Melissa in the head, in retaliation/ revenge she jerked the steering wheel after he gave her a good hook, causing the Escalade to kiss the curb. She then jumped outta the SUV and tried to run away from her 6-foot-4 a-hole boyfriend. The police reported that Suge was wielding a knife as he kicked his girlfriend in the head. He was also in possession of ecstasy and hydrocodone.

Suge was previously locked up for assault charges in the 1990s and early 2000s.

Uh… can the three strikes law apply to Suge? The man is danger. My ex BFF watched him beat a man to the point where he was within inches of his life before she busted out a gun and threatened him to stop. You hear that folks? I know people who will eff up my ex boyfriends and crushes if I’d like. :) Anyway, I remember how Suge’s crew member was hitting on me at the American Music Awards cause I had my girls out. I ran. Literally. That was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

What weirds me out is that, yes, “karma is a bitch,” but you know no one will even give Suge a dirty look while he’s incarcerated because that will be the kiss of death. He probably gets massages and gourmet meals when he’s locked up.

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