Carey Hart Moves Into Pink’s Crib

We all saw this coming.

Hart has now moved into the singer’s Malibu, Calif., home, according to Us Weekly.

Pink and Carey Hart PDA

“Pink is head over heels for Carey and wants to try it again, but she is proceeding cautiously … it never really ended. They just took a break on the marriage because they couldn’t make it work never seeing each other. She never gave up hope that it would work.”

How to Have a Successful Break-up 101: Don’t text, call, go jogging with or suck face at parties with your ex. If you do, don’t act surprised when y’all move on from the break-up fuckship to the full-on ‘let’s try this out again and start over!’ relationship.

Folk should learn how to break-up properly. Life without your +1 hurts, but the distance also provides space for self-refection, growth and pin-pointing your mistakes and discovering ways to prevent them in the future. Without space, the same issues that caused conflict the first time around reappear and thrive, only with more tension and less resolve.

Pink and Carey? I kind of think they’re destiny. Good luck!

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