Michael Lohan Tells Lily Allen She Has a Drinking Problem

Sick fuck Michael Lohan lurks every website possible to find out what Lindsay Lohan is doing because his daughter doesn’t talk to his ass. Via her Twitter, Lily Allen mentioned that she’s spending some time with Lindsay, which, of course, prompted a response from Daddy Lohan.

Lily Allen didn’t expect her posting to be read by her pal’s dad – who promptly reprimanded her for her partying habits.
Allen tells Australian TV host Rove McManus,

Ali Lohan In Tears

“I’ve only been on Twitter for like a month or something but the other day I was in Los Angeles and I hung out with a friend of mine, Lindsay Lohan, and I got a Twitter from her father going, ‘Dear Lily, I think you have an alcohol problem that needs to be addressed.’ From Michael Lohan! I was like ‘Leave me alone!'”

ZOMG! I want to cuss Michael Lohan out for Lindsay, Samantha, Lily and everyone on the planet, but you know it would be so draining. I just want to vomit on him. Sorry, all. I know that’s a bit much, but at least I’m always honest.

Oh and Papa Lohan’s Twitter is currently suspended! :)

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