Obsessed NYC Movie Premiere Pics

Beyonce at Obsessed premiere

Beyonce’s dress is ridiculously cute. What I wouldn’t give to raid this woman’s closet. Beyonce‘s boobs really aren’t that big, but she knows how to smash ’em together and wear her girdles so that the titties look bigger, the stomach looks smaller, and the body looks damn hawt.

Co-star Ali Larter also worked it in a gorgeous short, cream dress. Ali’s dress is pretty but her purse looks like it should be laying underneath a Christmas tree. Beyonce’s hubby in the movie, Idris Elba, was also there flaunting his sex appeal and co-star Jerry O’Connell showed up too. Kimmy Kardassian wore a tent skirt, and Nigel Barker of ANTM and comedian Anthony Anderson also made an appearance (not pictured).

My interview with Will Packer, the producer of Obsessed, will be the final POTP post today! I’ve already transcribed it. :)

BeyonceBeyonce walks the red carpet at the Obsessed premiereKim Kardashian Obsessed premiere

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