Carrie Prejean Topless Photos at the Beach

Carrie Prejean boobs

San Diego native Carrie Prejean took these topless pics at the beach last year. Carrie was 20 years old. She went topless for a professional photo shoot. TMZ alleges that she didn’t tell the Miss California officials about it. Who cares?

She looks damn hot in some of the shots, other shots, not so much. She has a great body, though, and Carrie only looks good with light hair. I’ve posted most of the pictures, not all of ’em were worth posting. Anyway, enjoy.

Carrie Prejean bikini bottom and vestCarrie Prejean nipplesCarrie Prejean bare breasts Carrie Prejean topless on the beachCarrie Prejean photo shootCarrie Prejean wearing a white bikini

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