Joe Jonas Got a Haircut

Maybe “the death of the emo swoosh” has actually taken place, cause Joe Jonas got himself a haircut! The Disney heartthrob had some of the best hair in Hollyweird, and is it just me or isĀ  good hair a must if you wanna be a certified panty creamer?

Joe Jonas buff

Robert Pattinson has gorgeous locks, Joe Jonas did too, and those two are all the proof that I can think of right now or need!

Joe was spotted walking around West Hollywood the other day with shorter hair and toned up arms and thighs. I’ll pass on his arms, cause those are a little bulky for a chick, but he’s got better legs than I do.

Short hair makes Joey look more like a Joe, i.e., more mature. He looks good. Throw in some facial hair and he’d look even better.

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