New Moon Cast Tour Pictures: Robert, Kristen, Taylor and More Answer Questions for Fans

Because New Moon is desperately lacking promotion, the cast is on a tour, coming to a city near you! Cast members have already hit up Hollywood and Denver and there’s many more stops left. So check it out if you wanna deal with the pandemonium and the girls who are screaming and creaming at the same time.

Robert Pattinson facial hair

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart get along for obvious reasons. But it’s nice to see Kellan Lutz trying to nibble on Nikki Reed. They all look like they have a great time together. Its the fans that have made the Twilight saga so hugely successful; a tour is a great idea and it’s the least they can do.

Robert Pattinson eyebrowsKristen Stewart sucksKellan Lutz flirts with Nikki ReedKristen Stewart walks inKellan Lutz hot pictureRobert Pattinson shy

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