Michaele Salahi is a Liar, Planning CNN Interview

Tareq and Michaele Salahi are planning an exclusive tell-all interview that may earn them six-figures. The interview will allegedly be taking place on CNN.

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The Salahis crashed the White House state dinner honoring Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh last week. They are trying to get a spot on Bravo's The Real Housewives of D.C. and they had a film crew filming Michelle and Tareq as they got ready to meet Mr. President.

Michelle posted the following message on her Facebook page: I was honored to be invited to attend the First State Dinner hosted by President Obama & the First Lady to honor India.

This woman is sick!

The aspiring socialites are no strangers to controversy as they have been named, either as defendants or plaintiffs on 16 different lawsuits. One of their businesses is in bankruptcy. Tareq has even sued his own mother.

The shameless fame hungry couple won control of Oasis Winery from Tareq's mother in 2007, but ran the establishment into debt. Oasis filed for bancruptcy in February, citing the IRS and American Express among the unpaid creditors.

Tareq and Michaele may face serious criminal charges for their publicity stunt. Although they're in debt, maybe talking with CNN isn't the best idea.

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