Cori Rist Today Show Interview: ‘Tiger Was Not Happy With His Wife’

Cori Rist, 31, seems truly sorry for having an affair with Tiger Woods. Tiger’s former mistress is blaming no one and has even said that her affair was “selfish.”


Cori began crying when she discussed the impact the impact her affair is having on her 7 year-old son and she seemed very remorseful and sympathetic toward Elin Nordegren. I think I dislike her the least out of all of Tiger’s hoes.

On Tiger’s public displays of affection:

“He was not afraid to show his affection in front of everybody that was there. He was very affectionate, and he led me by the hand, and we just kind of disappeared, and that was the start.”

On what Tiger told her:

“He was not happy at home with his wife. He would stay there because she was pregnant, and they were expecting their first child. Because of his reputation and the image that he has, he had to uphold that.”

On the consequences of her affair:

“I am just sorry for her [Elin’s] pain. I hate that I am a part of it. I feel like I have to take responsibility for the things I’ve done and one day I am going to have to look my son in the eye and explain all of this.”

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