Snooki: ‘Fat’ and Skinny Pics: Who’d You Rather?

I HATE those “Who’d You Rather” posts on TMZ and any website. It really upsets the fake feminist in me.

Snooki so shortSnooki bikini picture

Snooki says the picture on the right was taken last year.

The notion of who’d you rather is all in fun, prompting one to rate another’s worth as if the voter will ever have the opportunity to make such a decision in the first place. As you know, ‘Who’d You Rather’ F*ck posts feature two (typically female) celebrities and remains one of the most superficial, sexist, juvenile, chauvinistic posts one could promote or condone. That being said, I figured now’s the perfect time for me to make my first ‘Who’d You Rather’ post! Hypocrisy: use it at your own convenience.

Nicole Polizzi bikini photo

Snooki posted pictures on her Twitter page of how she looked before she ate too many pickles. Nicole Polizzi looked hot. Now Snooki looks extra bloated cause she’s so damn short. Snickers said that these pics will inspire her to get in shape. Now that she’s all rich and famous and stuff, more than likely she will return back to her previous size before she knows it. Fist pumps to that.

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