Andrew Koenig Died From Apparent Suicide

Andrew Koenig’s body was found in a Vancouver park yesterday. He was the victim of a suicide.

“My son took his own life,” his father, Walter Koenig, said in an emotional news conference in the park.

The actor’s body was found about 11:30 a.m. in a heavily wooded area just off a bridle path in 1,000-acre Stanley Park, a favorite place for Koenig to frequent during his visits to Vancouver.

Andrew’s body was found by a private search team of his family and friends.

Koenig, 41, disappeared on Feb. 16 while traveling to the British Columbia city. Mounted officers had been searching the park, but didn’t see the body amid the trees. “If you can’t handle it anymore, you know, if you could learn anything from this, is that there are people out ther who really care,” said Walter Koenig.

This story just gives you chills, doesn’t it? So sad. Our condolences go out to Andrew’s family and friends.

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