Rihanna Meets Matt Kemp’s Parents

E! news reports that Rihanna flew to Arizona to meet “good friend” Matt Kemp’s family last weekend. Arizona’s the spot where Matt is training for the L.A. Dodgers and Rihanna had her midget stripper birthday party there too.

RiRi flew all the way from Berlin on Saturday to attend Matt’s charity party, Ante Up for Autism. Matt’s brother is autistic.

“Matt was happy she came. It was an awesome show of support.” Kemp’s family also met Rihanna for the first time. “Rihanna fit right in as if they all knew each other. It was comfortable.”

When Rihanna’s not going apesh*t, she’s a great girlfriend. She sends her boyfriend nude photos and takes international flights to support what he’s passionate about. She’s like the quintessential Stepford ho – supports her man and looks good while doing so.

Rihanna & Matt Kemp Hang OutRihanna and Matt Kemp get intense


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